5 magical points to help find your purpose in life


Finding life’s purpose is a journey. It’s an unfoldment. An evolution. You are like a butterfly who will go through many metamorphoses before you can fly. Each life you live brings you closer to your higher purpose, which is SELFLESS CONTRIBUTION. We’ll return to this subject later so let’s continue.

Forget your life purpose:

We know we want to seek out our purpose in life. We’ve thought about it so much that it’s embedded in our subconscious. How long will we harp on this conscious thought before we release it unto the universe’s or God’s hands? Without faith, you’re telling yourself and God that your desires are not possible. Congratulations, you have defeated yourself.

DJ Khaled you played yourself

Every opportunity to reach your purpose will be presented along your path, when you have faith. The only question remains, what will you do when these opportunities present themselves? Will you have the vision to see the unseen?

Let’s discuss, seeing the unseen, momentarily. One can only recognize that which one knows. If one knows nothing of something then these things go unrecognized. “To the one who knows much, much will be revealed.” [Tweet this quote] Basically, expand your knowledge base so when opportunities are presented you can recognize them.

Take action:

If the above is your hurdle, then you suffer from fear and the only way to defeat fear is to jump. Imagine bungee jumping but you have a fear of heights. The only way up is down. When opportunities are presented you must be ready to jump, no matter how daunting the task. Do you have a fear of public speaking? Well, guess what! It’s time to book yourself as a guest speaker. JUMP!

In your mind, you hold at least some vague concept of who you want to be. All you have to do is break that idea down into the daily habits of that person. “Habits create identities, identities don’t create habits.” [Tweet this quote] Be that person throughout the day. Walk like them and talk like them. That is who you ARE!

Do not let people tell you that you’re changing, because you are simply EVOLVING.

Try new things:

This is probably the most practical advice in this piece. Your purpose is not monolithic and very much dynamic with many moving parts that include skills and even people.

The soul is a traveler and so one must travel, both in mind and body. Expose the mind to new subjects especially the parallel subjects to your passions. Get out of the house, meet new people and visit new environments. Sir Isaac Newton would not be as notable today had he not sat under an apple tree.

Move around. Network. You’re only has great as your experiences.

Clarity over time:

“Patience is the virtue. Nothing worthwhile comes quickly.” [Tweet this quote]

As stated in the opening, finding one’s purpose is an unfoldment. There is not a single moment of enlightenment but many moments of lux along the way. As you proceed on the path, your vision of purpose will become clearer. It will become both very specific and broad at the same time.

For example, people say I’m a good teacher. But I like to look at teaching as a skill. I would think my purpose is to help others, which brings me great joy. Teaching is just an avenue that allows me to express that. But teaching is specific, whereas helping others is broad.

More specifically, I teach marketing and business development. But even that skill wasn’t one I’ve always possessed and developed with time and experience. It’s specific but I’m still helping people, which is my general purpose.

People enjoy my writing but again, this is a skill I’ve learned and practiced. It does allow me to help people. Writing is specific and helping people is my general purpose.

Many years from now I could be helping people in other ways with other skills. My purpose is to help people, but without the skill sets, I am useless. I believe the majority of you reading this want to help people and don’t know how.

Blossom and you will fill the garden with sweet scents.
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Where you are in life, does not define WHO you are in life.

Innate talent:

Deep down inside, you know your purpose and you know your strengths. You have an innate ability to do something more efficiently than most people you’re around. A natural affinity. Use this to your advantage and find skills that compliment your strengths and downplay your weaknesses. In the meantime, turn your weaknesses into strengths.


Start walking the path fearlessly and don’t forget to stop and smell the trees. Speak with the people and give to the people, for karma will reward you. Have faith in your vision and your vision will have faith in you. Also, remember that there is no destination, only a trial of experiences for the purpose of illumination.

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