All Lives Matter; here’s why


For the mere fact that we need to state that any lives matter is proof of America’s degeneracy.

Politically Correct

To say All Lives Matter or Black Lives Matter is to subject yourself to political correctness. If you say All Lives Matter you will be politically correct with a white conservative crowd but anger blacks and liberals. To say Black Lives Matter is to be politically correct among blacks but offend white conservatives.

I’m using the term ‘white conservatives’ loosely here because innumerable white liberals are liberal in public but conservative behind closed doors. They won’t call you nigger to your face but behind the scenes, they’ll find another way to be divisive or “racist”. We call them closet conservatives. The politician types or those in power will say one thing but their policies and areas of influence will reflect another.

There is also a third group of people that may find offense or disagree with the phrase black lives matter. This group of people looks at humanity as, “all is one”. They see the disunity of humanity and are disappointed. They are good natured people with good intentions who just don’t understand the race wars and the statement, Black Lives Matter. I mention this because I feel like many blacks confuse them with the conservatives sometimes. The wise will step back and view this fiasco from angles. I’m asking you to do so as well.

Blacks Lives Matter

“There are two types of people in this world; victors and victims.” To chant, “Black Lives Matter!” is to claim your role in life as a victim. The phrase “Black Power” would be the complete opposite; the role of a victor. Which one do you wish to be?

“There are two types of people in this world; victors and victims.”
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Anyway, black lives matter is a front organization for the globalists. They are here to destroy so that the powers that be can gain more power. For example, they’ll complain about police brutality and the powers that be will provide the solution of body cameras which equals more Orweillian “big brother is watching” surveillance. To chant that phrase gives them power. I do not say black lives matter because that is redundantly rhetorical.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather made the statement that All Lives Matter but he also said, Black Lives Matter too. He covered all bases and was “politically correct” across the board. But somehow blacks found a way to be offended, as they always do. Their sensitivity without logic is repulsive. Their lack of loyalty is repugnant. Without context or investigation, they’ve castigated one of their own, AGAIN!

His response is the kind that is tailored by a public relations representative. Tactical responses like these assure that powerful people are not offended. Protect the brand value and keep the sponsors and money rolling in. It is exponentially wiser to offend the weak than it is to offend the powerful.

Ask Floyd Mayweather what he thinks when you two are alone and I guarantee you’ll get a much different response.


How about everyone stop talking about whose lives matter and just start loving one another. Are you for white lives? Good. Go love them. Nobody else cares. Do you love black people? Good. Go love them. Nobody cares.

If everyone that screamed Black Lives Matter actually did something to help their community, they wouldn’t have to scream black lives matter. Nobody is going to repair black people except for black people. I just want to know when they’re going to get started.

The problem is the black community is splintered into factions that seek only benefit for their own gain. Third wave Feminists want for women. LGBT want for gays. Black Lives Matter, the organization is for LGBT, women but definitely NOT men. We need more organizations like Hotep, who do what they do for the benefit of all humanity, especially black lives.

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Finally, a website that speaks English and not communist BS or support any of that cultural Marxism that is being forced upon the youth of today. I am a Latin American female and this is so refreshing. I will be sharing many of your articles on FB, Tweeter and VK. Not sure how well it will sit with people, but I’ve reached a point and age in my life where I just don’t care. I’m all about saving humanity and being brutally honest is the best way to be. Once the shock is over, people will survive. I love people. Thank you for your brutal honesty. I truly respect that.

How can black people help their community without systematic power? Did you forget about the GOVERNOR who wants war on black people?

Don’t you see black people are trying to tear down that old system so they can be treated equally and have the same amount of power in order to build up their community.

Don’t forget the constitution still holds them as 3/5 of a person. Have you seen the speech “america belongs to white men” mainstreamed at a freaking college??????

I truly hope that Hoteps can get their message across to not just Black America but the world. My only critique is that in the articles that I have read on this site there is a hint of prejudice, for instance in this article you infer that being a white conservative is synonymous with racist. I’d hate to see that seed of sentiment poison a positive movement. Prejudice and racism are learned traits that can be unlearned, all it takes is one example that goes against what someone has learned to start the process.

Amen. Both my parents were immigrants from Africa, and they hustled hard their whole lives to bring me and my siblings up. Sure they ran into racists every now and then, but the they never wanted us to swallow the poison and grow up feeling like victims. America isn’t a perfect country, but it gave blacks like my parents the opportunities to make a good living with their skills and education. Maybe we could have gotten even farther if we were white, but we were born in our black bodies, and you can either go up or go down from there. Some folks let every hardship get to them and wallow like crabs in the bucket, calling everybody who made it a ‘sellout’ or ‘Uncle Tom’. It’s easier to quit before trying something difficult. It’s even easier (on your ego) if you convince everyone else not to try so they can fail just like you