Did Beyonce get snubbed by Adele at the Grammys?


In 2015, Adele put a black man in her music video and the black community applauded unwavering support. All you have to do is include a black face and blacks will support. They’re so easily fooled. Not me, though; I saw the play. Add black man to video to get the white crowd. I’m a marketer so I see through all the tricks.

I wasn’t mad, I just knew what was to come. Adele would get awards and black artists would be snubbed. My heart doesn’t go out to Beyonce but rather the black artists that make soul and R&B music that will NEVER get a mainstream look.

Why? Because these artists don’t appear white. Adele is white and Beyonce is white. Let’s be honest black people – Beyonce is a black woman in white-face. She’s super-light skinned and she ALWAYS has blond hair. Meanwhile, Jill Scott, India Arie and other more “ethnic” artists get pushed to the back because they don’t fit “the image”.

Blacks won Adele her Grammys

Blacks got behind Adele. They were among her biggest supporters. So, if she wins the Grammys, why are you now mad? You made all of this possible.

Allow me to provide some broad, can’t be proven but it’s the untold truth, clarity. Black people dictate what is hot and what’s not in the music industry – at least within their respective “black” genres. They are the number one consumers of entertainment and therefore dictate public opinion.

So, if black people say Adele is the best, they cannot get mad when the Grammys call her the best. You said it, and co-signed her. Now, lay in the bed you made. Don’t cry about it.

Adele is the Iggy Azalea of R&B

Also, Adele is a fraud – in my opinion. She’s the Iggy Azalea of R&B. She’s obviously a British artist but she sings like a black woman from the south. How Sway? She’s imitating not innovating. But yet, black people got behind her. I can’t stand it.

cashmeousside kodak black video screenshot

Black people love when white people imitate black culture – until they monetize that is. “Cashmeousside” girl was funny and cute on Dr. Phil – to black people. They joked and ranted about the episode. But the minute that little white girl landed in Kodak Black’s video and started monetizing her brand it became a problem.

But it was black people that literally made this girl famous – for something black girls do daily. She got famous from a black stereotype. You can’t get mad because you do it all the time on Love & Hip-hop and all the other degenerate TV programming you participate in.

If a white boy can dance, a room full of blacks will stop and stare in awe – clap and applause at the anomaly. They are emphatically thrilled that a white person can dance. But if he gets famous, then it’s cultural appropriation. Black hypocrisy is another downfall of the black community.

On one hand, you say white supremacy is holding you back but you never hold back from the opportunity to prop up and support some white person. Then you get mad when it’s not reciprocated. Of all the races in the world, you’re the punk.

Begging for white acceptance

Now that Beyonce lost to Adele, the black community is upset. They feel snubbed. But again, this is a (((white-owned))) award show so why would you expect preferential treatment? Are you handicap?

Why do blacks act like their freedom is on the line every time there’s an award show? They act as if the revolution was supposed to happen at the Grammys or something.

I don’t know why blacks feel like it’s okay or even necessary to force their way into white spaces then complain when they don’t feel welcomed. IT’S NOT YOUR AWARD SHOW. Let the (((white people))) have their show.

Where is your award show black people? The problem is, (((the white man’s))) opinion is worth more than the black’s man. Do you now see how blacks subconsciously uphold (((white supremacy)))?

Why don’t blacks increase the prestige of their own awards and stop placing so much emphasis on awards created by (((them)))? But if you say that, they’ll call you a coon or Uncle Tom.


I am utterly disgusted by black behavior. Blacks sell out and don’t even know it. They sell out to white award shows then consistently diss their own award shows. Many times, the (((white))) award shows get higher black viewership than the black award shows.

Get it together black people. Build your own systems and stop forcing your way into others. And if you do force your way in, expect much resistance.

I will NOT help you integrate into other people’s cultures especially when they don’t want to integrate with yours. Get your own! Everybody else has their own, why don’t you? You have no one to blame but yourself.

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I am White, and I once worked with a very Americanized Ethiopian immigrant who was disliked by everyone in the company. The man didn’t give a hoot that the other Black employees hated his guts, but he was ready to lose his mind because I didn’t want to have a beer with him after work. It made me sad as hell.

Why is it a thing of “color” or “race”? I see no purpose of having separate award shows. I thought the ideal was for humans to regard all humans as equal. (We are all children of God — Loved just as much and just a fiercely). Secondly, the music I like NEVER wins. Is that a snub, too? I don’t take it that way. I know I don’t listen to popular music. I don’t expect it to win, nor do I care. I listen to the music I enjoy, not because it won a Grammy.

Shit like “Blacks won Adele her Grammy” is Shaun King/Deray Mckesson tier garbage. Analysis of the (((music))) industry is pointless. Blacks didn’t win Adele the Grammy. (((They))) have the ultimate say regarding who is promoted on the radio or through “award shows”. Hard to take you seriously when you talk about real issues like the Federal Reserve and the need for blacks to break free from the liberal victimhood plantation if you’re going to perpetuate mainstream leftist cultural appropriation garbage. The whole idea of the “black community” feeling snubbed is pushed by (((them))) anyway to create further division and keep race and victimhood on the minds of EVERYONE.

Beyonce sucks. I cringe seeing girls liking her music….Same spiritual energy when I see Katie Perry, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus.. Adelle is smart cause she doesn’t put it in her music……She made me a fan….Last night she spit in my face. It has nothing to do with race…….but your right it has tons to do with culture and I will add GOD. Beyonce makes my skin crawl and that is all the skin there is about it. Soul and R&B are just as popular as Country and pop …..Rap and Hip Hop are not….IMHO

Who cares if Adele has a British accent but sings like a black singer? She’s an entertainer. How can you say that a genre belongs to blacks when throughout modern music history almost any black entertainer is guided by (((them)))? So is it a Jewish genre? You claim to be anti-nog or SJW but then you complain about Adele appropriating black culture. There are more pressing issues than if a white girl decides to sing like a black woman. She has a powerful soulful voice that people like, should she not use it because it mirrors legendary black entertainers that came before her? Just an overall ridiculous point to make. And the Iggy Azaela reference is also complete bullshit. At least Adele’s lyrics don’t perpetuate a completely degenerate lifestyle that Iggy and other “rappers” do.

Lauryn Hill & Erykah Badu are just that good ! So is Quincy Jones, Alison Krauss, Stevie Wonder, and all those other artists who have won multiple grammys

Do you think the success of artists like Lauryn Hill (14 grammys) and Erykah Badu (19 grammys) is an anomaly?

They are conspicuous in their “blackness.”

Are they just *that* good?