Do Black Americans Need Arranged Marriages or not?


At the core of all black issues is the hardened scar between black men and women. You can run your finger over it and feel the dried pain once dripping of love and hope. But alas, this scar still connects us. We have confused our roles, lost ourselves, and forgotten each other.

How do we reconnect?

Could arranged marriages be a solution?

To the average Black American, this may hit the processor as an immediate dismissal. We value our freedom of expression, universe of opinions, and world-renowned individualism. So, how could we give up control over one of the biggest choices in our lives? Let’s take a look the benefits black folks could gain from arranging future marriages.

Stats show that 55% of the marriages in the entire world are arranged with India the most visibly known coming in at a strong 90%. If we take a moment to focus on India because of their dense sample size we find some pretty amazing numbers.

The first stat that jumps off the page is the razor slim divorce rate. Only about 1 out of 100 arranged Indian marriages end in divorce. That is a shockingly low number considering American culture boasts a hefty 50% divorce rate. The bigger issue with Americans getting divorced so much is that the further quest for love results in even higher divorce rates for subsequent marriages.

The next stat that tends to pleasantly surprise is the satisfaction factor within these arranged marriages. The majority of couples express that not only do they enjoy the process, but they would do it again and want the same for their children. The satisfaction levels are right on par with those who choose their mates. If you couple that with the drastically lower divorce rates, arranged for the win.

Let’s break down why they work.

First of all, this is not just social bondage as it may seem from the outside. This is a far more advanced version of the dating game mixed with spiritual awakening, science, and intuitive forecasting. If you have any single friends you know the dating game in this current age is miserable and contributes to peoples depression, unhealthy sex lives, and the unnatural divide between men and women.

Parents of prospective future newlyweds will meet up on a few different occasions to go over the many important aspects of a potential marriage. The topics will include social background, religion, educational plans, financial background, medical history etc.

On the spiritual side, things like birth charts and astrology are used to predict compatibility. This is a rigorous process that requires hours of research and processing details.

So can you really throw two black folks in a room and tell them to get married, have kids, and make it work? Absolutely. Part of the advantage is you can choose people on similar levels of maturity and life path. Men and women can live and grow without the usual pressure of trying to find someone in the swamps of the dating pool.

You also live with the comfort you will be pairing up with someone working hard to bring their best to the table. A strong degree in a field that pays actual U.S. currency in high amounts with the ability to get long-term jobs in that field. A fully functioning understanding of finances. Beauty. The ability to raise well-balanced children with positivity. An understanding of health and communication.

I see individuals, men and women, putting in the work to curb poverty issues. If we can get married couples to start attacking the issue as well, we double our progress.
The best factor is the relationship can start with little to no expectations. When you base a relationship on romance and sex, feelings are involved so heavily and so fast. Everyone’s chemical emotions are riding so high, setting the expectations of fairy tale love forever just priming both parties for the inevitable crash back down to earth.

When you base a relationship on compatibility and financial stability its an automatic recipe for success. Two adults meeting these simple goals together causes high amounts of satisfaction. Each person plays their decided upon role to the best of their ability creating an environment free of stress, ripe for pure love to grow in a calm and healthy way.

Women come into life with a responsible mature man ready to lead a family. Ready to make money and love his wife. Very little cheating exists. He is complete; a husband; a man.

Men can have the comfort of having someone brilliant to use his finances to construct the life he wants. She is soft, she is beautiful, she is wise to the universe, she is a wife.
When you first tell children they must wear school uniforms, they hate it. A few months after they get over the initial shock, they are more focused on education.
What would we be losing, our free will? Our free will was bred, bought and sold ten times over.

Maybe we need less time focusing on our fragile feelings and more time to build the black nation around us that currently sits in rubble and ruins.

Falling in love with a person is temporary when the environment around you eventually fails. Falling in love with success is permanent.

This isn’t even for you. It’s to give our children a better chance of building empires.
If we are not nation building we are wasting time tugging at the khaki cuffs of perceived oppressors begging for a chance to sit at their table with them.

The ONLY table I want to be sitting at is, the black table. Unfortunately, there are a ton of dregs at the table. I love them the same. I fight for their peace and prosperity as much as my own. But…you mutants sure won’t have access to my son or daughter. Once you have children you want them to succeed on every level.

Stats have shown for decades we can avoid poverty by quite literally just getting married and both keep a good job. That’s it.

If arranged marriage can subtract the heartache and double the success, I’m all for it.

Black man and black woman strong.


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