Why can black women date white but black men can’t?


Today, I’m going to briefly explain an infamous double standard in the Black Community.

When black men get into relationships with white women, especially famous or rich black men, black women tend to vent frustration. But when black women date white men, black men generally do not care.

When Kobe Bryant transitioned last week, one female took to Twitter to complain that his inheritance will be passed on to a white woman.

And that’s exactly what this boils down to.


Women are hardwired to find a suitable mate based upon affluence (financial security). While men are looking for someone who is feminine and submissive.

White women, Hispanic women, and especially Asian women are better trained to be wives and tend to be more submissive than black women.

Black women, some claim, tend to hold more anger and backtalk much more than other races. They, and I, have observed that Black women tend to be harder to deal with in relationships.

Which is why some black men date outside of their race. They don’t want to deal with the headache and sometimes the “ghetto behavior”.

Since white men are perceived to be the most financially secure of the races, black women applaud when they see other black women with white men.

For example, some black women clapped for Serena Williams when she dated white. They rejoiced when Meghan Markle married Prince Harry. Today, they’ll clap for G Eazy and Megan the Stallion.

For some black women, miscegenation is “securing the bag” or securing a financial future for her and her family.

And that’s why we have a double standard.

Relationships for men are about idealism while for women they are about realism. Men are the romantics. Women are simply concerned with benefiting from the said romantics.

Men want meaningful relationships whereas women are only concerned with getting a nice rock on her finger, a house with a white picket fence, and a life where she’s not required to work.

How a man should deal with women and their complexities has been explained in the Unbreakable Rules for Masculinity.

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