Black media is a D&C shill ops, and Nate Parker proved it


I have this theory that “they” want to keep slave movies abundant to drive home a message in the minds of anyone who watches. “They” want blacks to be perceived as inferior but more importantly, for blacks to feel inferior. If you say something over and over again, to the subconscious mind it becomes truth.

Nat Turner’s “The Birth of a Nation” is a different type of slave movie, though. The typical slave movie displays obedient & submissive blacks. One’s that rarely fight back. Nat Turner however, is violently the opposite.

As a child, I was bred with this story from my father. One that I noticed was not popular or well known among blacks or whites. It definitely was not taught in my school system. As I got older and saw more and more slave movies being released by Hollywood, I wondered, “How come no one films the Nat Turner story?” As I got older I came to the conclusion of my introductory paragraph.

The Threat

The story is so threatening to so-called white supremacy that I knew it would have to be told by a black person. The story is empowering and would display a strong black man fighting back. It could possibly ignite an outed flame within the black souls who watch. If you’re going to brainwash a people to be subservient, and specifically to (a white man), this film would be counterproductive.

To my shock, earlier this year, Nate Parker would film and direct the film himself. I wanted to be happy when I heard the news but I knew they wouldn’t let this film be released without a hitch. I wanted to say something on my Twitter but I decided against that because I wanted to keep a positive air about the film. I’ve been waiting almost my entire life for this movie. The last thing I wanted to do was add a negative vibe.

But behold, a rape charge mysteriously surfaces as the release date gets closer. As I read my Twitter feed, all I could do was shake my head. Now Nate Parker is in the middle of a controversy. Previously, Nate Parker performed in over 20 films and there was not a single mention of a rape charge.

I knew when I saw the headline that the black media would hop on the story. I was hoping they would back him but my common sense told me the opposite would occur. The popular black media outlets are mostly run by liberal black feminists and owned by white corporations. In a black feminist’s eyes, the black man is public enemy number one.

Black Media D&C shill ops

So the articles began raining. Jet Magazine [here] via a black woman condemned Nate. The article even acknowledges the possibility of a conspiracy and STILL chooses to ignore it. WOW! Another black woman took to The Root [here] to condemn Nate. Our beloved Essence Magazine [here] held no punches.

Huff Po a notoriously feminist-centered publication, under the guise of their “Black Voices” section, used another black woman [here] to attack Nate.

But let’s go even further to expose HuffPo’s bias and feminist eccentric nature. The day before the article above was published we have [this] article published with a similar title. The former being “We Need To Discuss Nate Parker’s…” vs the latter’s “We Need to Talk About Nate Parker”. It was as if they had to double back the next day to hammer home the point.

It was Harry Lewis that penned this “talk about Nate Parker”. He describes himself as a student activist, sexual assault survivor, attempting to create a “culture free of hegemonic toxic masculinity”. This again shows how hurt people try to hurt people. These people need healing. Writing gives them an outlet but on MAINSTREAM MEDIA their words are DANGEROUS, INFECTIOUS, and VIOLENT.

Also, his problem with “hegemonic toxic masculinity” is basically heterophobia. These LGBT and feminist shills have a vendetta against straight men and it’s clear as day.

And of course, Ebony Magazine decided to make an example out of Nate [here].

Here’s my conclusion:

My question is, Why now? Why when this movie is about to go mainstream is this story being brought back up? The timing is eerie.

Black media is a puppet for the ruling class. “They” didn’t want the movie to be released without complications so they use their black puppets to create the distraction. They use black people to create dissension around a topic which creates a groupthink that permeates throughout the black community. Black feminism with the help of the LGBT community did their dirty work.

What’s their motive?

Many of these black women know what they’re doing but their personal disdain for black men drives them to do it. Many have been abused, cheated on, abandoned, etc. Also, their privileged jobs next to c-level whites make them feel compelled to do so knowing it will further their careers. This is the attack-dog for the white man. The junior black journalists following behind them are naive or too afraid to challenge the groupthink for fear of ostracization or losing their jobs. The smart ones know about the agenda but play along so as to climb the ranks of their social group. There are also hybrids.

Their Agenda

This isn’t about Nate Parker. This is about Nat Turner. These black women and queer gay men are directly responsible for inhibiting black progress across the entire social stratosphere PURPOSELY. This Nat Turner movie thing just being one piece of evidence that exposes their agenda. They are set out to destroy exactly what this movie would have embodied; Black Masculinity.

Now, before you rebuttal with that conspiracy theory bullshit, the alleged victim’s family, they themselves, have eluded to the possibility of a conspiracy in a NY Times interview [here]:

“We appreciate that after all this time, these men are being held accountable for their actions. However, we are dubious of the underlying motivations that bring this to present light after 17 years, and we will not take part in stoking its coals. While we cannot protect the victim from this media storm, we can do our best to protect her son. For that reason, we ask for privacy for our family and do not wish to comment further.”

This is sad because a story that needs to be told, may never be told. And we have no one to blame but ourselves. Black people oppress black people more than any other race could ever oppress black people. It’s like watching Plaxico Burress shoot himself in the leg and then go to jail for it.

Hotep Nation is here as one of the few entities trying to hold onto black dignity and pride while the many, as we are the few, mock and destroy black excellence and progress. Both willfully and un-willfully because they can’t see the hands that pull their strings or want to admit the existence of.

Now, let’s discuss The importance of letting Nate Parker live.

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