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Why are black people poor?

Today we answer the daunting question, “Why are black people poor?”

I’ve spent the last few years attempting to educate black people on investing and the stock market and I realized a few things; they lack the education to even understand, they lack patience and are extremely filled with FEAR.

Let’s get into it.

Poor decisions

We already know that blacks waste a ton of money on goods that depreciate in value over time. Such as cars, which lose more than half their value the moment you drive them off the lot.

They LOVE clothes. Looking like a million bucks seems to satisfy their desires – so they never reach for more. As long as they can look the part, they are content. As long as their peers perceive them as superior, that’s enough.

This is pseudo-wealth or “nigga rich”.

They also have a bad smoking and drinking habit. As long as they have enough money to reach their next high, they are content.

Microwave brains

They have zero patience. They live for instant gratification. Waiting 10-20 years to amass some wealth seems so far off that they don’t want it.

They want the quick buck. Which is why they resort to get-rich-quick schemes – like the now defunct wake up now scam.

If you promise blacks fast money you can con them out of their earned income. You don’t even have to keep your promise. They’ll gladly lose money for a chance at fast money.

Just look at how much they love to gamble. Don’t they love shooting dice?

dice game in the hood

Lack of education

Randomly I give out stock advice to people. My waiter, the youth, or anyone who looks like they could benefit from investing in the stock market.

99.8734% of the time I hear the same defeated responses.

“Isn’t that for rich people?”
No, it’s not. It’s for smart people. People that realize that your savings account is going to lose money due to inflation. But they don’t even know what inflation means – which goes back to their lack of financial education.

Inflation is when money loses value and the prices of things go up. Your rent is going up partly due to inflation. Movie tickets are up partly due to inflation. Remember when your grandparents would say “I used to buy a loaf of bread for a nickel”?

“I can’t afford to lose money.”
You already lose money. When you smoke that dime bag, you just lost $10. You took your money and lit it on fire. But you’re too afraid to lose that same $10 for a chance to invest it? 🤔

[bctt tweet=”If you have money for drugs or alcohol you have money to invest.”]

But this goes back to patience. If they made 10% on $10 that’s $1. So they think it’s a waste of time to only make a dollar. What they don’t understand is the value of creating the habit of investing.

“Isn’t that hard?”
Anything worth anything in life is hard.

If you want to reach the sunny skies you have to go through the eye of the storm. You can barely afford your monthly expenses now so you’re always in the eye of the storm. Why not start paddling and try to get out of the storm?

I guess it’s’ more comfortable to sit in the storm?

Life Insurance

This is a fatal mistake blacks make. They fear death so naturally, they don’t want to sit down with an insurance agent and plan their death. So what happens when they die? Their kin is left with debt (death).

When someone with life insurance dies, their kin is left with riches. Those riches can now be used to create startups, invest and pay for education so you don’t have to go to Sallie Mae to attend the college you want.

If every black bought life insurance black poverty would be erased in one generation. Unless the next of kin hasn’t been financially educated – then that money is just going to end up back in the pockets of high fashion designers and luxury car manufacturers.


It’s so much easier to complain than it is to do something about your problems. Just blame the white man for not teaching you and holding you back. But why can’t you teach yourself?

Can you believe some people are still complaining about the attack on Black Wall St.

tweet about black wall street

But what they fail to mention is that Black Wall St. was rebuilt and flourished for decades after. They also fail to mention that there wasn’t just one Black Wall St. There was Black Bottom in Detroit with over 350 black owned businesses.

And we all know about the Harlem Rennaissance. There were more that haven’t been told in history class as well.

[bctt tweet=”Stop using history as a crutch because ancestors did MORE with LESS.”]

Some research suggests that making a habit of complaining can “re-wire” the brain so that those particular thinking orientations become ingrained.

This is the number one reason why blacks are poor, I believe. They are chronic complainers which lead to the habit of never being satisfied and focusing on setbacks over progress. What you focus on is what you will get.

Final Thoughts

If blacks want to reverse their condition they need to begin their work in the mind. They need to FIRST reprogram HOW they think and WHAT they think. They need to create thoughts of progress – not degradation.

The second step is the education. If something seems hard it’s probably worth it to figure out. Everything we ever learned was hard at first – until you learn it. Then you say to yourself “that was easy”.

The stock market is a simple tool to create wealth. The truth is, the people in charge have created so many terms and nuances in financial language that things can get confusing quick.

For example, there are multiple terms to describe a stock. They can be called holdings, securities, equities, and I’m sure I’m missing a few more. But the people in charge make this subject convoluted to “trim the herd”.

By doing this, they can somewhat protect the market from foolery and separate the weak from the strong. The only thing keeping you on the outside is your fear of learning something that seems complex.

First, I suggest you read “How to Speak Money”. It’s a simple book that breaks down all the different financial terms. I personally love it because the first chapter talks about Ancient Egypt and as a Hotep, I love that. Ha!

He basically credits Egypt for being a leader in capitalism and also having a corrupt leadership which took advantage of having access to “hidden” knowledge.

So, when blacks say that the “white man” created capitalism and corruption, that’s bullshit.

Man’s ego and fear of scarcity created it. Whatever race he was is inconsequential.

The system has survived millennia and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. And if it does, expect disaster like we see in Venezuela right now.

When you remove the free market you kill creativity and ambition and open the door to dictatorship and absolute crime.

Now, when you’re ready to get into finer detail you must read “The Intelligent Investor”.

It’s a boring read, I can’t lie. But again, are you willing to fight through the storm to get to the sunny skies?

Another great read is by A.R. Morton “Black America Inc. A Trillion Dollar Nation” which breaks down the financial status of the black community and provides solutions to circumvent the issues. A MUST READ!

Nobody is holding black people back except for black people. Once they change their mind, they’ll change their life.

“They” didn’t conquer Africa until Africa was already weak from infighting. Africans defeated themselves and still do.


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6 Responses

  1. Hotep Jesus! wassup man.. im a Black Conservative here in Central Phx. been reading your work for a bit and im greatful.i hashtag hotep alot and i see you guys get hate for no reason #FuckShit id love to chop it up with you concerning a certain Fox News Milennial Contributor and an idea over twitter.

  2. I am a white Australian who somehow found his way here from Hotep Jesus’s twitter and reading though multiple articles. Being born in a poor town I feel like the same advice applies to the white trash(bogans) that I grew up with. Australians blamed he British for rigging the game and use it as an excuse to sit on the couch and do nothing. Even though being on welfare today puts you in the aristocrat league of wealth by the colonial British standards. Being lucky enough to travel in Asia I have seen people so poor they have to beg for food as there is not nearly enough jobs to go around.

    Still not certain what this Hotep movement really is but it seems to be from the ” teach a man to fish” school of thought, which is always good.

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