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Making Sense of Charlottesville

Like I stated in my previous post “If we do not take an honest look at the suppression of conservatives views, America is headed for another civil war.”

Now, we have the manifestation taking form in Charlottesville.

African-Americans off-base

The African American community is in a frenzy. They’re crying about racism, slavery and everything else they can pull out of their toolbox of victimhood.

But what they do not realize is that this is not a demonstration against blacks. This is a dispute between right and left – Liberal versus Conservative. Maybe even White vs Jew.

Blacks are so far removed from reality and misled by fake news, they don’t see this. The demonstration was called “Unite the Right”, not Unite the White. lol

Deandre Harris was beaten bloody yesterday because he’s following BLM tactics. Hotep would NEVER put their people in harm’s way. This man could have died yesterday because he thought he was standing up for his people.

No change can come from trying to protest a protest. The problem within the black community is so deep that surface level thinking is futile and dangerous. The sheep are being led to slaughter, literally. My heart goes out to Deandre.

Deandre Harris Beaten Bloody, Charlottesville

PR reps are quickly crafting tweets and public statements for their celebrity clients in the name of relevancy. According to the left-wing, silence shall be interpreted as support for racism. The left-wing media is so strong and oppressive, it becomes a celebrity’s best interest to side with the liberals.

Update (8/15/17): Look at the tweet below. Just like I predicted, Selena Gomez was attacked for NOT speaking. Apparently, minding your business is forbidden in left-wing culture and so is promoting your business. 🙄

I’m not fooled. Many celebrities just want to secure their financial status which is dependent upon left-wing media and the people led by the entity. The celebrities are so far-removed from this issue they should just be silent. All they do is exacerbate the issues.


The demonstration carried out by Alt-right was meant to be peaceful and began peacefully with their tiki torch ceremony. I personally didn’t feel threatened and didn’t feel an ounce of fear. Am I really supposed to be afraid of a bunch of wannabe Hitler college students? Ha!

But the social media Liberals were thrown into a frenzy. My guess is, they just want attention and to demonize their enemy. Their rhetoric creates fear in the rest of their population. They’re a feminine bunch, easily offended and disturbed. Words hurt their feelings, like kindergarteners. I guess the “sticks and stones” lesson never stuck with them.

The truth is, Alt-right is the victim here. These people chose to exercise their freedom to assemble and they were viciously attacked by ANTIFA goons. This group ANTIFA is probably being funded by the same people that were funding Black Lives Matter.

Why would an outside entity fund ANTIFA and BLM? To keep the race war going. To keep the United States people divided by race instead of class.

ANTIFA has proven many times that they are a violent group and adamantly anti-American. They can be seen consistently burning the United States flag. To every patriot and veteran in America, this act is the most disrespectful thing you can do to their country. This group, like BLM, is designed to destroy the culture of America and manufacture friction.

antifa burning flag

If a bunch of so-called racists want to have a party, why would you crash it? If you’re having a black power party, would you like it if a bunch of racists came and crashed your party? No, you’d be livid! You’d be banging down the doors of the NAACP and White House demanding justice. Twitter trending topics would explode!

The same respect you request is the same respect you give.

If the opposition took a second to listen to the viewpoints of some of the members in Alt-right they may see validity in their arguments and learn a thing or two about the corruption within the American system. They may even agree on a few points. But few people are capable of objective discourse, unfortunately.

Final Thoughts

Do you know what the majority of the people in the Charlottesville clash have in common? Low household income. Poor people fighting poor people. This is EXACTLY what the upper class wants. As long as the poor fight, they can never have time to come after the rich.

Charlottesville white nationalist nazi

If white nationalists or supremacists or whatever word you created in your mind to identify these people, want to have a party, let them! Focus on yourself! Blacks especially, have no time or resources to allocate to distractions like these when their own communities are far more dangerous than a white nationalist rally.

These white nationalists are a small group that assembled in one city. The only thing feeding them power is YOU. And the mainstream media, who enjoys writing click bait articles to take advantage of the racial tension which is extremely profitable.

Take back your power, put the social media down, look at the family sitting next to you and focus on that. Do you want to create change in this world? Then focus on building a strong family. After all, America is run by just a few dozen families. What’s your family worth? What impact can your family create overnight? How many people can your family assemble and mobilize in days?


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12 Responses

    1. Good point. What’s happening off-stage, while we the audience are being entertained by the antics of the controlled opposition on-stage? Everything we are allowed to see is suspect; the Elite are master manipulators, and control all of the outlets of mass communication.

  1. I used to be a white nationalist activist in the 90s, and I still have many sympathies for the movement. I never did want to judge others because of their race, and I always held many people of other races in high esteem. I simply believed that you could work within your own race the best; you know your own people, you know their way of thinking, their culture, etc. Even today, as in the past, if I felt that a group of African-American youth would accept my voice, I would work with them and be the best ambassador of my people that I could. It is just that your own people will listen to you a lot more, it’s like a big family. The whole idea of supremacy bothers me. Because it just isn’t true. Yes, Europe has produced the greatest achievements in technological history. No doubt about that. But Europe has been spiritually retarded for almost two millennia. Determining a racial hierarchy is totally meaningless, unless you are trying to set up a caste system, like the neoliberal wants, even though they won’t admit it. Every group deserves it’s living space, it’s sense of self and history, it’s identity and future. I can say the 14 Words for every people on Earth. “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for our children.” Not just for today, but for a thousand thousand generations forward! We don’t need to wallow in our past mistakes and sufferings, we don’t need to follow this diabolical script that has been written for us. We can lift ourselves into the future if we come together, united under a bold and necessary idea: SELF AFFIRMATION FOR ALL. “Hoteps and the Alt-Right have solved racism, now we’re just waiting for y’all.” – TRUE WORDS

    1. So beautifully said, George.

      I’m saddened that we have devolved to the point where your words are considered “hate speech” by some. I think they’re self-evident.

      The old PBS show “The Firing Line” with William F. Buckley, Jr. has recently been released on YouTube; I’d encourage everyone to watch at least one episode. (Here’s an interesting one: The devolution I refer to above is clearly evident when one compares what passes for discourse today with the debates that The Firing Line showcases. Watching the show, I had the sinking realization that we have all been prey to the forces behind this devolution.

      I, too, find myself sympathetic with the Nationalist movement even though I am not one myself. A “community” has to share something fundamental (a set of beliefs/religion, a culture, values, etc) in order to be cohesive. To suggest that the “world” is a “community”, like the Globalists would have us believe, stretches the term “community” beyond all meaning. I don’t think skin color is necessarily unifying. I have far more in common with a black Voluntaryist than I do a white Communist, regardless of cultural practices. What each of us values in terms of cohesiveness should be left to the individual: if people want to group according to race, why would I mind? In-group preferences are integral to group survival; there is nothing bad or immoral about it. The problem, as George says, is the idea of “supremacy”. But is it even a problem any more? I thought the notion of supremacy was so antiquated that I’ve been shocked by how it’s been so easily vilified and widely accepted (even if as a straw-man) as a belief held by enough people to be threatening. Really, how many true “white supremacists” are there in the world? 1,000? 10,000? Five? Even if there’s a million of them, do they really warrant the attention they’re getting?

      Politically and religiously (particularly in tandem), my own beliefs align with very few, yet I manage to find some common ground with just about everyone willing to talk with me. It’s when people refuse to look for common ground (or even be willing to talk to each other, for that matter) is when things get dangerous. And here we are. However, some of us won’t shut up (thank God), and I strongly suspect that Hoteps are among this group…and what a beautiful message they’re sharing! “TRUE WORDS”, indeed.

      Thanks for the comment, George. It was just what this old girl needed to see today.

      1. When you’re hypersensitive, everything is hate speech. lol

        I agree. I do often find that I sometimes have more in common with a white nationalist than a black liberal.

        All the other ethnic groups group up. But as soon as blacks and whites do it, it becomes a problem. It feels like (((someone))) is playing tricks on us.

        Common ground is often ignored. I’ve discovered this over the past few years. Sometimes when blacks talk about Africa, they talk about the thousand different languages, cultures and tribes. But they never discuss their commonalities.

        Thank you again, friend.

  2. My respect for you and your group just increased. Without getting too into detail, the events in Cville happened exactly as you described.

    Alt right went to peacefully protest. They were met by BLM and Antifa and attacked. They defended themselves.

    The mayor and governor are at fault as to why things escalated badly. Cops had a stand down order, among other things.

    Having said that, your reasoned and well thought out words are a prime example as to how Hoteps and White Nationalists can very much find common ground against the ((true enemy)). I would hope our respective groups can eventually work together for nationalism and the uplifting of our respective races. #StayWoke #FaithFamilyFolk

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