Colin Kaepernick’s protest is wrong in so many ways


9/4/18 – Update: Nike has just published an ad campaign with Colin Kaepernick’s face.

Nike is another corporation cashing in on “black rage”.

I just want to know…

What exactly did Colin sacrifice? Obviously, as we can see with this Nike ad, he’s still making money and Nike ain’t cheap when it comes to athlete endorsements.

Where was Nike when blacks were getting killed for their sneakers? Why no ad campaign then?

Let’s be honest. Kaepernick doesn’t have a QB job because he’s not that good and his protest hurts their bottom line.

Here’s my tin-foil hat conspiracy theory: The NFL is going to use this Nike ad, run some commercials during the season to appease the Social Justice Warriors. And it’s going to work.

I back this claim with the fact that the NFL and the Players Coalition have finalized a partnership that dedicates close to $90 million for efforts and programs combating social inequality.

This Nike campaign will be the visual representation of that.

Too bad this will alienate the rest of their base which has now decided to boycott Nike.

Colin Kaepernick nike social justice ad

As Colin Kaepernick took a virtue-signaling knee, precipitating a national debate about something inane and trivial, I was again reminded of the power the consumer wields to influence business decisions.

And the American football-loving public resoundingly relayed to the NFL owners their disapproval for sports intertwined with political activism.

A poll conducted recently by the Winston Group found that the NFL is down 31% among its core demographic.

While ultimately the customer may always be right, I watched in awe as those with the power to alter what they find detrimental to their interests exercised that power to their benefit.

No, I am not talking about Colin Kaepernick and the other kneelers that only succeeded in displaying their impotence for all the world to see.

I am, of course, referring to the team owners who do not like losing money.

For example, Stephen Ross Owner of the Dolphins had previously been an advocate for players kneeling and stated President Trump had “changed the paradigm” (read as: I didn’t care until I started losing money).

Now that kneeling during the national anthem is being equated to a lack of patriotism, it’s causing him to lose money as Dolphins fans tune out. It should surprise no one that he now requires that all players stand for the national anthem without exception.

Whether it’s President Trump exercising his presidential power for political gain or the team owners who have the power to institute the rules in order to maximize profit – both understood clearly why they took a stand and what they stood to gain from doing so.

Clearly, they were positioning themselves to achieve greater political power and greater wealth respectively.

Now I must ask, “what did Colin gain from all this”? Did he even have an endgame in mind when he created this kneeling movement and made himself the face of it?

The only things he accomplished were to tarnish his personal brand with a potential fan base and make himself less appealing to team owners or potential corporate sponsors.

Don’t be Colin Kaepernick. Don’t kneel meekly when you can stand strong.

Professional black athletes are in no position to make demands when they cannot effectively exercise power in the NFL or any other national sports league or association. When push comes to shove and profits to loss, they either play by the rules or take a hike.

In 2013, a study of how many sports team owners of the franchises were black found only Michael Jordan of the Charlotte Bobcats (this is no longer the case). In 2017, none of the major franchises are owned by an African Americans.

Why then would you assume that the white owners would support your activism for a community he’s not a part of all the while it’s costing him money for the trouble?

Black people continue to repeat the same historical errors. Participation and a salary is not success!

Integration into white institutions and the dissolution of black institutions is not success!

Kneeling on TV is not black power!

This was not always the case. In the early 20th century African Americans owned many baseball franchises because, in December of 1868, black players were barred from playing in integrated teams or the National Association of Baseball Players would ban the whole team from playing. This segregation led to the necessity of forming black-owned leagues and franchises.

Final Thoughts by Hotep Jesus

Have you ever noticed that all the integrationist black “leaders” are exalted? Jackie Robinson was drilled into my head as a youth and this new generation of kids were given a Jackie Robinson biopic by Hollywood.

Why are these people pushed as black excellence? Because integration makes blacks WEAK. Integration is infiltration.

When you spend your energy and resources trying to fit yourself into someone else’s system, when do you have time to build your own?

Blacks are seen as lesser than because every racial group sitting at the round table has their own and begs nothing of no one else. Meanwhile, like a desperate butler, blacks enter the boardroom with nothing of their own yet begging of everyone else.

As Mouktar highlighted, blacks had their own Baseball league. Forget teams – A LEAGUE! Today, we can’t even get a few teams. Why? Because the white man’s baseball hits further? 😂

Until blacks stop seeking white approval, they will always feel oppressed. Click To Tweet To join the HotepCon Event group chat, become a patron now!

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“Blacks are seen as lesser than because every racial group sitting at the round table has their own and begs nothing of no one else. Meanwhile, like a desperate butler, blacks enter the boardroom with nothing of their own yet begging of everyone else.”
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