Equality is impossible for black America


Equality is like the story of Santa Claus – it sounds good, but it’s not real. Equality is like video game play with a sibling but their controller is unplugged. Equality is the epitome of false hope. Equality is a lie.

Black Panther

When the trailer for the new Black Panther movie hit yesterday, black people celebrated like it was the second coming of Black Jesus.

Social media was rife with black power fists and other elements of “black power” symbolism. These people celebrated as if they were a damsel in distress and Black Panther was saving them from this oppression they purport.

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Let’s look at the facts…

The same corporation that releases Black Panther (Walt Disney Company) owns ESPN. ESPN is the same exact organization that suspended Jemele Hill, which whom they were supposed to be standing with.

This system, which you hand feed with capital like royalty being fed grapes, has taken your likeness (which is private & intellectual property), projected it onto a screen like the Wizard of Oz and sold you a false reality.

A black woman (Jemele Hill) was reprimanded by her employer (master) and your response is to line up for the master, give the master your money, because your master can create awesome (optical) illusions?

Sell out!

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Breaking it down

“The system! Systemic… blah blah blah!” is what the SJW blacks scream. But that same system is thriving from black addictive systemic spending. Because you think a bunch of black faces, being monetized, is black power. The wool has been pulled over your eyes, literally. When the sages of the past created that quote, “wool over the eyes” they were talking about people just like you.

Black organizations are black democrat frats, whether they register Democrat or not, and they get nothing done but exalting the few idols at the top of the pyramid scheme who are beneficiaries of donation checks and media appearances.

Equality under nationalism

Black people are a nation, as defined by the below quote.

“A nation is a group of persons united by a common error about their ancestry and a common dislike of their neighbors.” — Karl Deutsche

A nation can conquer many nations simultaneously by convincing the other nations to practice multi-culturalism.

The conquering nation will pretend to assimilate with multi-culturalism while secretly maintaining their nationalism and identity.

If this is successful then the conquering nation does not need to resort to violence. The conquered nations unknowingly submit to defeat.

“Equality” is a term that destroys nationalism, encourages multi-culturalism and admits a nation of people to be devoured.

“Nation and nationalism” as it is used here, refers to secular cultures, not borders and state capitols.

The nation of “black people” is weakened by ideas of “equality” through merging their culture with the standards and habits of another.

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Civil Rights

According to the beloved Barack Obama, President Lyndon B. Johnson opposed every civil rights proposal considered in his first 20 years as a lawmaker – as most Democrats did.

And guess who signed the Civil Rights Act? That’s right, Lyndon B. Johnson. Welcome to the demonstration of controlled opposition.

Your very own civil rights bill was constructed by the very people that are in fact, “racist”. Don’t you think that they made it in their best interest to carefully craft this thing to limit blacks as much as possible?

LBJ was quoted as saying, “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for 200 years.” He’s called black people “niggers” several times on record. Are we supposed to believe that he magically had a change of heart? 😂

Blacks were originally Republicans and the Republican party was created specifically to abolish slavery. What happened? The Democrats started giving handouts (government assistance) and the blacks switched parties.

Every idiot loves free shit.

The wool…

Final Thoughts

As long as blacks aim for equality, they will miss their target. This mental trap was created for them, not by them. It is the greatest trick in modern history to keep a people captive.

Equality marchers are on a ghost chase.

The goal should be autarky to escape the plutocracy. But they’ve been led to believe that capitalism is rooted in racism and white supremacy. More wool…

How can capitalism be rooted in racism when the richest man ever was African, King Mansa Musa? And how do these claims have legs if African, Hannibal Barca had coins with his face on them?

These claims of racism are a slap in the face to black ancestors.

These are just excuses to avoid responsibility. Power is founded in the home. In the culture of the family. Until the black family changes what they call culture, they’ll always be looking for this ghost they call equality and perpetually missing the mark.

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Last i checked, the director, producer, co-proder and the entire cast are black. Who cares if disney produced it? Disney has a much higher network of customers then say oprahs OWN network so that tells you more ppl will learn of the movie hence more publicity. Anything thats pro black you pig-skins cant wait to put tour bias ideas on display. Go finish molesting your daughter or something pink d1k boy and while your at it, remind that white coward son of yours not to shoot at students. Just take your no-lips and go

Great piece Jesus. You need to get brother Ben Carson in the movement. Maybe he already is.

How dare you let facts and logic get in the way of some BS feel-goodery?

You forgot to mention the ‘magical ideology shift” when all the literal racists in the DemonRat party and the mostly non-racists (or at least not such blatant racists) in the Republican party simultaneously switched parties. Because as we all know, Trump literally wants blacks in chains picking cotton. What else could MAGA mean other than that? I heard it on CNN and from Marc Lamont Hill, so it must be true.