Does “Get Out” expose the White Liberal agenda?


If you’re like me, you’re absolutely tired of race-based cinema. Whether it’s “12 Years a Slave” or “The Help”, as a black man you get tired of the same old stories about the same old journey of the poor and disenfranchised black rising to some sort of moral posterity in the greater “white” society.

We are tired for many reasons. But the most prevalent reason is the subconscious messages the images portray. Black life is in the hands of white people, is what’s made clear in the minds of many and I hate that.

However, after seeing the trailer for “Get Out” some months ago, I was surprised to see that it actually interested me. Fast forward to February 2017, my lady and I went on a movie date to watch it and honestly, this movie was pretty amazing!

The Hotep Elements

One of the things that make this movie amazing is the way it handles the narrative between the white and black races in the United States. Race-based films, especially the ones made in the last decade, have been full of sensitive talking points like slavery, racism, oppression, and the like.

The common theme is highlighting the perils of black life as the driving force behind the conversations and then having the day saved by their white superiors. I don’t understand why people enjoy this storyline but it needs to die and “Get Out” didn’t disappoint in that aspect.

Instead of placing this interracial couple in a tumultuous environment where the general public largely disapproves of their relationship like movies such as “Save the Last Dance” or “Jungle Fever”, Peele set the two in an environment where their drama isn’t set around just existing in society. He even went out his way to subtly establish the “acceptance” early in the movie.

This is refreshing because most interracial movies spend so much time trying to convince the public to “accept” them – that “against the odds” their love will prevail. BOR-ING.

Hoteps don’t beg for acceptance and we live the lives we wish to live, regardless of public opinion. However, the main thing I loved about this movie is how it excellently EXPOSED the stereotypical white liberal and their shenanigans.

The Young White Liberal Woman

get out movie rose
Rose, Chris’ girlfriend, was your stereotypical young white liberal woman. Seemingly tolerant, open minded, loving, compassionate, and all those lovely things they claim to be. When Chris was naturally concerned about her parents knowing if he was black or not, she reassured him by telling him that he should give her the benefit of the doubt because she chose to have them all meet and wouldn’t have if they were racist.

On their way to her parents’ house, Rose accidently hits a deer and calls the police for assistance. After a small conversation, the officer proceeds to interrogate Chris in which Rose defends him against the prejudice cop. Classic white savior.

My favorite scene is when she finally stopped pretending to find the car keys and shows her TRUE colors. Excellent!

The Old White Liberal Woman

Get Out Missy Catherine Keener
Rose’s mother, Missy, was a real piece of work. She mimics the same behavior as the young white liberal in her welcoming tones and social graces, but beneath all of that was a conniving. presumptuous, intrusive, and as you will learn by the end of the movie, a very manipulative person.

She probed Chris about his smoking habit and even used that as a reason to hypnotize him and totally mind f*ck him. To be honest, I felt some sexual tension from her as well but that just may be my imagination. Missy is what Rose will grow into later in life as she ascends into greater heights of her elite liberalism.

The Younger White Liberal Man

Jeremy Armitage Caleb Jones Get Out movie
Jeremy Armitage, Rose’s brother, is exactly that kind of guy you see trudging through your college campuses every day. Very insecure men who envy and despise the athletically built, handsome, upstanding black man, but mask it with a “dude, bro” facade.

This envy is heightened when the black man also has a white woman by his side, and Chris was loving on his beloved sister. Intimidated, they will always seek to physically overpower the black man to compensate for their lack of confidence in themselves.

This is why Jeremy was the one aggressively kidnapping the black men by force as opposed to Rose who seduced them. Jeremy at the dinner table was textbook white liberal insecurity and we saw how that ended.

The Older White Liberal Man

Bradley Whitford get out Dean Armitage
Rose’s father was a gentleman, which vastly differs from the Younger White Liberal Man attributes of Jeremy, Dean. He’s wiser, so he understands the need to present himself as an open father figure of some sorts to lower the guard of the black man.

“I would’ve voted Obama for a 3rd term”, is classic because it conveys a trusting corniness that makes you believe this “white dad” isn’t a threat. He’s calculated. He is the type to hold a silent auction of your body in full view because you trust him.

Once you’ve allowed him to explain away his obscure racial stances, he is now able to push a little harder. Now he can question and lecture you, sowing the seed of misinformation. Even in the big reveal, the older white liberal man was the last to expose himself because he was the most trusted.


These people come off as your ideal white person; tolerant and accepting of all people, especially blacks, but history showed us it’s mostly fake. White liberals have been using black bodies for decades to push their agendas.

Whether through protest or legislation, white liberals push black people to the forefronts of their movements, to be sacrificed for their livelihoods. “Get Out” takes it a step further and literally shows these people occupying black bodies to live the lives they want to live.

Jordan Peele couldn’t have made it any more clear. This is Jordan Peele, a mixed black man who undoubtedly has been raised around these types, warning us of what has happened and what continue to happen if we don’t wake up.

But all in all, the very best element of this movie is of course how the black man saved himself with the aid of another black man. This movie is Hotep and I appreciate Jordan Peele for creating a great piece of cinema. Salute & Stay Woke.


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