Are Hoteps race traitors for allying with Alt-Right?


Following my last post, “What is this Hotep and Alt-Right alliance?” I have been both praised and attacked. Praised by whites and mostly attacked by blacks. Obviously, one of these groups is confused but only one of these groups actually read the article in detail, though.

Before we begin this piece, allow me to clarify the mission of Hotep Nation so it won’t be confused – although because people choose not to read, I’m sure there will still be confusion.

Hotep Nation is a group of people looking to restore integrity to the term “hotep” as it has been smeared by left-wing black media and the likes. Hotep Nation is about self-empowerment, self-accountability, and independence for people of African descent. This is a “pro-black” movement for the benefit of all Earth people.

Now that we have that squared away, hopefully, we won’t be confused with being a white supremacist group. Although, I’m sure we still will be. Ha!

What would Malcolm X say about a Hotep & Alt-right meeting?

Much push back has come with talks of “Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey would not approve of this Hotep & Alt-right alliance”. My first response is, “well I’m neither of these people, I’m my own man”.

But since we’re on the topic, let’s break out the FACTS! Left-wing liberals hate facts and when this article starts circulating, they’re going to avoid them like blacks avoid personal responsibility.

In December of 1960 in Atlanta, GA, Malcolm X did, in fact, meet with the KKK under the commission of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Now, how is it that I’ve been criticized for opening up dialogue with Alt-Right, alleged racist white nationalists, with Malcolm X being used as their oral weapon when he actually did the same exact thing, but just a step further? He actually met them – I have not.

Why would Elijah Muhammad side with white supremacists? Because the two groups shared a hatred of the Jews, as well as a desire to separate blacks and whites. They held a common interest, basically.

Nazi Leader George Lincoln Rockwell said, “You know that we call you ‘niggers.’ But wouldn’t you rather be confronted by honest white men who tell you to your face what the others all say behind your back?”

I agree with Mr. Rockwell. Please do tell me exactly how you feel. I don’t want you to hide it. I’d rather have a knife through the chest I can see coming than a knife in the back that I can’t. It appears to me that blacks prefer whites to hide their racism. I personally prefer my racist blunt and upfront. I like honesty.

For example, the negroes on the left supported Hillary Clinton, a known racist. But because she hides it well by appearing to appeal to black concerns, by “putting hot sauce in her bag”, they hold no qualms. Even though she blatantly called them “super-predators” and her husband enabled mass incarceration.

Later in his speech, Mr. Rockwell states: “I am not afraid to stand here and tell you I hate race-mixing and will fight it to the death, but at the same time, I will do everything in my power to help the Honorable Elijah Muhammad carry out his inspired plan for land of your own in Africa. Elijah Muhammad is right. Separation or death!”

Now, I don’t agree entirely with this statement but if I did, how could I NOT be considered “pro-black”? If I detest race-mixing and want to inspire a plan for our own land in Africa, wouldn’t that make me super “pro-black”?

Of course, the negroes who love to appeal to their white democrat masters, deem this not “pro-black”. They want acceptance from “whitey”. I’m disgusted by this. Here it is a people that have shown no moral compass in your favor and you want to be buddy-buddy with them. If that isn’t the most ridiculous thought process ever…

Allow me to conclude this section by stating that Malcolm was uneasy about the meeting with the KKK and the allegiance to the Nazi. Read more about this here.

Considering that I am being compared to the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, it is important to illustrate his reasons behind working with white supremacists and why that applies to us. In addition, Garvey discovered his own people were his biggest enemies.

Note the next few quotes from Garvey’s editorial, “The Negro’s Greatest Enemy”, written in Current History Magazine, September 1923.

I asked, “Where is the black man’s Government?” “Where is his King and his kingdom?” “Where is his President, his country, and his ambassador, his army, his navy, his men of big affairs?” I could not find them, and then I declared, “I will help to make them.”

These are quite similar, if not identical, questions to the ones I have asked the black community. Of course, as with Garvey, this attitude will not be welcomed among blacks. They do not want their own, it seems. They want what “whitey” has and to be next to “whitey”. They think equality is some sort of tangible goal and whites set the bar for that.

“Here I found a new and different problem. I immediately visited some of the then so-called negro leaders, only to discover, after a close study of them, that they had no program, but were mere opportunists who were living off their so-called leadership while the poor people were groping in the dark. I traveled through thirty-eight States and everywhere found the same condition.”

I can definitely relate to Garvey here. I too see the landscape filled with race pimps and hustlers. We have way too many of these in the pro-black community. I’ll reserve the right to call them out here but if you check the comments section, I invite everyone to call them out. From there, do your own investigation.

“My negro enemies, finding that they alone could not destroy me, resorted to misrepresenting me to the leaders of the white race, several of whom, without proper investigation, also opposed me.”

Again, I can relate. Consistently the black community has relentlessly misrepresented me and my words. They have done NO investigation as to my motives for an Alt-right / Hotep alliance. How many white-media-outlets have reached out to me for clarification on the matter? I’ve lost count. How many from black media? ZERO. Not a single one has reached out to gain clarity but they have in fact passed judgement upon me. I now feel the pain and struggle of Marcus Garvey with his own people.

“We love all humanity. We are working for the peace of the world which we believe can only come about when all races are given their due.”

Many have asked me, “What is the goal for Hoteps?” I believe the above statement specifies it in totality. Although we are a “pro-black” organization, our actions are for the benefit of all humanity.

Many negros have accused me of being an Uncle Tom or coon when I say this or they just exude a lack of belief. They think this sort of thing is unfathomable for blacks because of their perception of white people. They think this means kissing up to white people. Let us pray for them all.

The black people should not be encouraged to remain in white people’s countries and expect to be Presidents, Governors, Mayors, Senators, Congressmen, Judges and social and industrial leaders.

I happen to agree here. Why would we force ourselves into unwanted territory? Especially, when the continent with the richest natural resources, Africa, is our home. It is humanity’s progenitor, according to science. Why are we so afraid of our black land? I’ll have to write on this topic at a later date. 🤔

“It is because of this belief no doubt that my negro enemies, so as to prejudice me further in the opinion of the public, wickedly state that I am a member of the Ku Klux Klan, even though I am a black man.”

I’ve lost count as to how many times I’ve been accused of joining Alt-Right. Again, it is my black enemies that perpetuate this lie. Garvey, I feel your pain.

“Having had the wrong education as a start in his racial career, the negro has become his own greatest enemy. Most of the trouble I have had in advancing the cause of the race has come from negroes. Booker Washington aptly described the race in one of his lectures by stating that we were like crabs in a barrel, that none would allow the other to climb over, but on any such attempt all would continue to pull back into the barrel the one crab that would make the effort to climb out. Yet, those of us with vision cannot desert the race, leaving it to suffer and die.”

On an ongoing basis, I’ve expressed to blacks that they are simply uneducated on race and racism – what it is and how to combat it. I’m met with ears covered by hands. I have since started calling the negros who attack me, crabs. It’s the most suitable term for them and Booker Washington agrees.

But just like Garvey and Washington, I will not desert my race no matter how much they look at me like an enemy. I will reverse their condition. That is my personal mission. Although many will not agree with my sometimes abrasive methods.

Let’s move onto the juicy stuff before I depart.

“I regard the Klan, the Anglo-Saxon clubs and White American societies, as far as the Negro is concerned, as better friends of the race than all other groups of hypocritical whites put together.” Marcus Garvey

Wait. Didn’t the uninformed blacks tell me that my stance on Alt-Right would not sit well with Marcus Garvey? Well, they were WRONG. Marcus Garvey was WOKE! The real kind of WOKE!

On June 25th, 1922 in Atlanta, GA, Garvey met with the acting Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. As evidenced in his speech “The Ku Klux Klan is the invisible government of the United States of America”, at Liberty Hall, New York City July 9, 1922.

“The negro’s attitude toward such an organization should not be to stand off, not knowing its program, not understanding it and saying and writing all kinds of things against it with the intention of aggravating its program and its attitude toward the race, but the duty of the leadership of the negro race, finding itself in such an unenviable position, is to study the thing and get as much information as possible about the thing in your own interests. Aggravating the Ku Klux Klan or aggravating any organization in the world organized for the specific purpose of white supremacy is NOT going to help the race in America, placed at a disadvantage as it is.”

A wise man Garvey was. Again, I’ve expressed this same concern to the blacks and they accused me of being scared and not wanting to fight. They are so ignorant – they do no independent objective thinking. Everything with them is emotionally subjective.

There is NO benefit to blacks to attack another race. NONE. Instead, turn your focus inward.

“You cannot blame any group of men, whether they are Chinese, Japanese, Anglo-Saxons or Frenchmen, for standing up for their interests or for organizing in their interest.”

For blacks, it is okay to say “I’m proud to be black”, but if a white person were to say “I’m proud to be white”, all of a sudden this white person is deemed racist and blacks are offended. Disgusting.

In our present time, 2017, blacks are fighting for Mexicans, Muslim refugees, gay peoples and transexual people. They take on everyone’s fight but their own. Meanwhile, these other groups do not reach back to help the negro. You are witnessing the decline of a race.

I believe in white power for white people and black power for black people. etc.

“No law can put down the prejudice of a race. You may legislate between now and eternity. If I hate you, no law in the world can make me love you.” – Imperial Wizard of the KKK

The KKK is right. Why do negros believe that some law is supposed to change the way someone feels? If anything, these new laws will only incite anger and resentment. Blacks are a naive and ignorant bunch.

Would you force a woman or man to be in a relationship with you? No, and if you do, expect things to turn ugly. Why would you expect a different consequence when it comes to relations between whites and blacks?

“To be fair, I advise every Negro and those who aspire to leadership to form an organization similar to that of the Ku Klux Klan so that the negros may be able to look out for their own interests and not continue to be begging white people to do for them that they ought to do for themselves.” President Harding – Birmingham speech

Here’s another statement blacks won’t like. Why? Because the negro is so dependent upon whites that they are afraid to do for self – just like the freed slave who chose to stay on his master’s plantation because he did not know what else to do.

Why does Alt-Right prefer Hotep Nation? Because we push blacks to do for themselves and to stop looking for white handouts. They are sick of your crying – you look pitiful to them.

“The Negro will have to build his own government, industry, art, science, literature and culture, before the world will stop to consider him.” Marcus Garvey “An Appeal to the Conscience of the Black Race to See Itself

Why do blacks clamor and rush to vote in a system they deem white supremacy instead of building their own? I’ve expressed many times that the purpose of my idea of segregation is not to keep the races completely separate forever. What I mean is that blacks, due to being behind the other races, has some housekeeping to do before we can sit down at the roundtable.

We cannot even take care of our own so how can we commingle with others? We don’t produce anything of value, therefore we provide no value to other races. Other than to employ us, to turn us into TV shows and other jester-like minstrel acts. Our athletes are nothing more than Ceasar’s gladiators.

“There is no doubt that a race that doesn’t respect itself forfeits the respect of others, and we are in the moral-social position now of losing the respect of the world.” – Marcus Garvey “An exposé of the Caste System among Negroes”

Look at Chicago or Detroit. The black on black crime is cataclysmically out of control. Blacks call each other bitch, hoe, thot, nigga, etc. Our TV programming like Love & HipHop, show disregard to the respect of the black race. So, how can we expect other races to respect us if we don’t respect ourselves?

“The National Association for the Advancement of “Colored” People (NAACP) is a scheme to destroy the Negro Race, and the leaders of it hate Marcus Garvey, because he has discovered them at their game and because the Universal Negro Improvement Association, without any prejudice to color or caste, is making headway in bringing all people together for their common good.” – Marcus Garvey

I too have discovered the hoax that is Black Lives Matter and the limbs that grow from it. I have discovered their diabolical plot to destroy the black race and I’m hated for it, just as Garvey was. I strongly suggest you people read the speeches of Garvey and not just some quotes you read on a meme. You can purchase it here:


The negros, by following behind their (((mainstream media))) associates have had the wool pulled over their eyes. The information about their past and present are cloaked with misinformation and disinformation. Therefore they cannot make educated and logical decisions for the present time.

They are being manipulated by their emotions which do not allow them to think logically. All they have in their hearts is fear. They fear white people, especially the blatantly racist kind. But it is the kind that hides their racism that they should fear most.

It is my personal goal to understand the wishes of all races, especially the white nationalist, so as to form a solid plan for the advancement of the African race. I fear no man or no race and I will sit with anyone willing to speak with me – even if they want my third eye in their cross hairs.

I find it quite ironic that alleged white racists will sit down for civil discourse with me but the negro will not. I find it ironic that I’m attacked by my own race, way more than those alleged right-wing racists. Who is to blame here?

When will blacks build for self and stop worrying about white people because white people are not worried about you? Will you join us in our mission to revitalize the planet?

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We should buy land and have everyone from hotep nation live there to have economic straight like the new black wall street but hotep

Hotep Jesus. Man, I am a white dude from NYC and I listened to your interview on Red Ice of which I am a casual listener (if the guest interests me). Well, you definitely peaked my interest. Like most AWPs (average white people) I didn’t have a clue what the hell a HOTEP was. Wikipedia didn’t really answer my question – your interview did. Then I went to Uncle Hotep’s YT channel and got further clarification. Guys, keep on doing what you’re doing. I think you will become a great asset to the African American community — your own voice, your own mind, your own actions –not needing to take cues or orders from white liberals.

(If you’d care for an alternative to going to Hell: *you* must claim your place *in America.* And if that means you have to do it in the fact of White racists–which is exactly what it means–then that’s what you have to do.)

Simply some of the dumbest shit on the face of this benighted Earth.

Black Americans are not Africans. Being African means being born and growing up on the Continent. If you have any doubt about this, the historical trajectory of Liberia — which was the first major attempt at repatriating Black Americans on “their” continent — should sober you up very quickly. Black Americans are Americans, there is no going back and there never was. Not in 1820, and certainly not in 2020. Africans are not going to give you their land and countenance you any more than they would do for the Whites they recently finished booting out. There’s a reason Robert Mugabe is still in power in Zimbabwe decades on despite essentially being the equally-ludicrous African version of Trump.

You either move forward in America or you consent to live for generations under the jackboots of a pack of thoroughly worthless, faithless, cowardly, indecent and incompetent shitheads and supremacist Russian ball-washers utterly incapable of nominating a competent Presidential candidate, formulating a coherent government program or foreign policy, or genuinely creating anything apart from new justifications for Creationism, Flat Earthism and climate change denialism.

Hating Jews won’t save you. If the Jews go down, you go down. The “Alt Right” is not a dawn of White Supremacy any more than morons like yourself are the dawn of Black Independence. You are all throwbacks, and you will all be utterly exposed as such the more people you manage to fool and the more you gain of what you mistakenly think you want. Every single one of you can go directly to Hell.

I am a White woman who came of age in the seventies and eighties. I had Black friends whose parents struck me as far stricter than my own. After the success of Motown, Blacks were into music as much as they were into basketball engaging in spontaneous “acapella” sessions. They certainly had the voices for it and I anticipated a new generation of Marvin Gayes coming down the pike.

All the sudden in the nineties, that stopped. Rap became the big thing. It was okay, at first. Some playful rhyming and witticisms which could have enhanced the music. But then rap took an ugly turn and so did the Black community. I stopped at a store back then and talked to the Black man clerking there. He was my age and I asked him what happened to all those great singers and he was mystified as I was. He liked rap and hip-hop even less than I did citing their negative influence on the young in his neighborhood and even on his own daughter.

I was working in an administrative support capacity to the local police and Black neighborhoods were experiencing a rash of petty crimes that grew increasingly violent. There was one elderly Black woman in her nineties that always had her modest little home beautified with decorations she made by hand and beautiful plants, but all the sudden these items and even her cheap plastic chairs on her porch were being stolen.

We put it down to the crack epidemic, but in our interactions with the Blacks, we didn’t notice heavy signs of drug addiction that would account for what was happening. Recently, I came across an article that cleared up the mystery. It seems that prisons became privatized and the stockholders wanted their prisons filled. So they got ahold of the music industry and created a thug music culture and including the War on Drugs, Thug Culture made it possible for ever more privately run for profit prisons to be constructed.

“Gangsta rap” was quite certainly one of the most brazen swindles of all time, there’s no arguing with that. Essentially minstrelsy with a new coat of paint.

All Glory to the Hotep!

Greetings from the Fourth Position and the Eurasian Alliance!

“There is no Justice but strength. There is no law but Power.”
-Marcus Garvey

…gotta love our historic forgetfulness, for supposedly being so “informed.” time and time again the progeny lighter shades have sold out the precognitive darker shades since time immemorial.

The partnership; like i said before will work for short term, but that is not what the goal is…at least for me and mines.

The outlook of the Alt-Right concerning Afrkans of white created western diaspora can simply be judged by two points. How does Alt-Right conservative white consciousness truly feel about:

1. Reparations

2. large scale Afrakan public & financial infrastructure (utility, telecom / banking, markets) dependence or independence

Ali: I read both your posts with great interest. Here are my comments:

1. Just because racists are overtly racist to your face does not mean they will condemn institutional racism, which is much bigger than segregated water fountains and name-calling. In other words, only one might call you a nigger to your face but best believe both will support redlining, mass incarceration, white Affirmative Action (aka Jim Crow) and beyond.

2. What is your end-game? The alt-right want Black people out of America. Is that what Hotep Nation wants too? Will you start a Go-Fund Me to make that happen? Because you can forget about the government dividing up the states and giving African-Americans a portion of it much like you can forget about reparations. And you can forget about talented tenth delusions of rich black people making it happen. Even the white people in your comments section tell you they want us out of America. They ain’t carving up shit. They want it all.

3. If you believe that black people should not remain in white people’s countries, do you also believe that white people need to leave Native American’s country? Or does the colonialism, murder, rape, and destruction entitle them to the land? What about the labor of African slaves and their blood in the soil? Does that entitle their descendands to the land? There is no economic wealth in this country without the labor of African people. The alt-right surely don’t believe that though. They believe the United States is theirs.

4. You say Africa is our home. Have you visited? Which countries? Have you researched the idea of becoming an immigrant in an African country? Don’t think that just because you have dark skin that you will be welcomed with open arms. In fact, there was an article on Al Jazerra’s website today that highlighted how South Africans were terrorizing Malawans for migrating there. With the exception of Ghana, what country wants 13 million African-Americans to migrate there?

5. You do realize that both “white” and “black” are an invention of a white supremacist agenda, right? It’s one thing to say you are proud to be Italian-American or Irish-American and another to say you are proud to be white. That’s because some of the most atrocious acts known to man, especially black men, have been under the so-called “white” banner. So if someone says they are proud to be white, best believe it is because they are proud of the oppression they’ve caused to other human beings for their economic and social gain.

6. There is a reason blacks fight for the rights of Mexicans, Muslims, gays, and more when they don’t always return the favor. In a white supremacist society, we know that when their rights are trampled upon, it is only a matter of time before ours are too. If the government is banning brown people from entering the country and deporting other brown people who live here, best believe black people are next in some way, fashion or form. Perhaps it will be tanks rolling in major urban cities like Chicago, Detroit, and Cleveland to kill supposed black thugs. Or maybe it will be more cops killing unarmed black people and turning up the volume on mass incarceration supported by private prisons that profit from it. Even through all that, there is no decline of the African race. Our birth rates are much higher than whites and our DNA is strong enough to produce more black people with any other race. This is the alt-right’s fear, that their race will be exterminated by race-mixing and low birth rates. We are not equal in that regard. And by the way, who are these alt-right leaders you’re supposedly dealing with? Because you’re the only one posting about this collaboration. I sure as hell don’t see Richard Spencer, Breibart, InfoWars or any of them posting the same thing. If they are, please direct me to that site.

7. Don’t fall for the black-on-black crime statistical trap. Truth is, every race commits crimes against those closest to them. In fact, did you know that 83% of white people who are killed are murdered by other white people? Sounds like there is a white-on-white crime epidemic but you’ll never hear it phrased like that.

When it comes to the alt-right, I say, why make a deal with the devil? What makes you think the devil will keep his word? What makes you think the devil won’t gather us all in one place only to make it easier to exterminate us and take what we’ve built? The alt-right believes Black people are more prone to violence as opposed to their own who murdered millions of Native Americans and millions of Africans in order to better themselves. Are black people committing mass genocide? Are black people lynching white people in this country? Of course not. We don’t have the power or desire to do so, therefore we don’t have the power to be racist.

Africans have suffered at the hands of the muslim arabs much more than they have at the hands of whites. A lot of the world has. Of course they don’t teach this part of history in school in the same way they don’t teach about the conditions and indignities that led to nazi Germany. They were not the monsters history has painted them to be. They were just people. People that had been pushed too far. Look into the truth about slavery and the truth about the crusades if you want real insight into the nature of Islam. That ideology encourages relentless brutality and hatred as a way of life. People don’t understand this today because their way of thinking is so different from what you’d expect of anyone else. Their religious zealotry is incomprehensible to most people and the threat they pose to every race and culture is something people don’t seem willing to acknowledge.

The “Alt Right” is a label composed of different groups with varying beliefs. Some think no-whites are subhuman. Some don’t. Some believe whites should rule over all other races. Some don’t. But above all, “alt right” is the “Nazi” or “white supremacist”. They don’t even need to use the other nouns, because, as far the sheep are concerned, they are interchangeable.

It seems pretty odd to me how blacks suck up to Latinos, when Latinos are notorious for their anti-black settlments. The Mexican Mafia has ordered its troops to ethnically cleanse its territories by removing blacks, but how many mainstream leftist and “pro-black” outlets are gonna decry this? None. Because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

The Alt Right has its flaws no doubt, just like Hoteps do. But labeling the “Alt Right” as the devil himself is disingenuous and ill-informed . Clearly you are focusing on a smug of a much BIGGER picture.

white Alt right here.
I would help you with money, resources, and even travel to African and work with you in order to build your new country, if you were serious about this plan. I would love to visit your country and I would love to have you as tourists with the same rules as any other.
The alt right is not about supremacy, is more about preserving diversity by not racemixing. This is because we think, races exist, every race deserves a place in the world, different races create different types of civilizations, therefor whites also need a place in the world to build our kind of civilization.
Never forget the story of the Ugly Duckling.

“I would help you with money, resources, and even travel to African and work with you in order to build your new country”
Why would you think they need or want any of your “help” Your comment is condescending, and shows that you have not understood the notion behind this alliance.
George go back and read the articles one more time.

I think your misunderstanding him. What he is saying is that he respects such a cause as this to an extent that he would voluntarily give to this movement for message and intent alone. If that isnt admirable, then nothing is.

I have argued this for years: diversity is the enemy of all races, because it agglutinates them into a beige race over time. It is soft genocide; in addition, it makes groups into enemies, because every group acts in self-interest and those interests conflict under diversity.

What does each group want? A strong identity and control of its future. These are natural needs for people to feel confident and comfortable in their condition and in what lies ahead. No group can have these under diversity.

The enemy is not a specific race, but diversity itself.

How do white people act in self-interest? The honest ones denounce diversity; the dishonest ones offer a welfare state and slow assimilation into a beige group, which is a form of destruction. Those whites believe they will never fall prey to such mixing, or do not care because they are sociopaths.

I feel your pain. Many reactionaries, white conservatives want to protect traditional values: family, God, morality, homogenous, high cohesion society, traditional art, culture, gracious feminity, strong masculinity… Take a look to Germany 1933-1939, that is deeply missunderstood – the germans just wanted to be left alone. After years of hunger, suicide, abusive payments for WWI, exploitation from banks, moral decay, Berlin “the capital of sin”, depravation & prostitution ruled by (((foreign people))), they took a stand and fought for their existence. We have been duped. History is so full of lies as fake news is today. Knowing the truth about Hitler [] is not easy. Being woke in a world of asleep people… Like “They Live” – that great movie portrays.

Taking a stand for traditional Christian family and society values is not easy. The Hotep struggle with nogs is the same we far-right, ultra conservatives, traditionalists, etc want – but our own leftist white race is brainwashed to hate everything that is good and natural and healty: traditional families, pro-life, 2 genders… They prefer abortion, “feminism”, weak males, high homosexuality, low birth rates, multiculturalism, pedophile rights, lying press, meaningless books, shitty “art”, empty culture… Destroying everything that was good, a wicked distopya. They are the most dead people inside.

They fight for an impossible equalitarian dream, a fantasy. Like the USSR marxists promised a ” paradise ” for the workers and delivered tens of millions of murders and a hell on earth. Instead of spending our time building a healthy society, we are lead astray to an emasculated homosexual world where everything blurs to relativity, without genders, without race, without art, without morals, without beauty, without Truth, where everyone is soulless, and grey and irrelevant, just another replaceable slave for the (((elites))). Your individualism taken away, your unique personality deleted, another pawn without freedom. Censored by Political Correctness, laws or whatever they will come up with.

And of course, the people promoting these struggles, these divisions inside the white race, and inside the black race – they are really happy about these internal fights which keep us divided and spending energy on secondary issues instead of focusing. Instead of getting together to be stronger and effectively solve the issues. They want us weak. (((They))) promote this divide & conquer tactic which benefits them.

We try to wake up people around and they just look confused and cry back: “old-fashioned, bigot, medieval retarded, homophobe, pedophobe, racist, nazi!”

You must understand: we are not “white supremacists” – that’s just (((media and leftist))) tactic, ad-hominem, name-calling: unqualify the person so you don’t have to counter the message with real arguments. We don’t want supremacy over others, just a country of our own. Why? Because we hate others? No. We don’t hate you, we in fact want you to succeed. We want to create our own way – and everyone should create their own too. Everyone working for their “family” – their race. I will provide for my family and expect others do for their people. I understand Hotep articles are hated because you are harsh on blacks, you point the finger and say: “improve!” and weak people don’t like to be told that. They don’t want to accept they need to put effort, nor want to hear they are doing things wrong – ego thing. They provably know the truth deep inside but just don’t want to accept it. Many people would rather live in a “comfortable” lie than take responsibility and have a harder (and meaningful) life. You can hide your head under the floor, but that won’t change the truth. Ignorance is weakness, you need knowledge. Truth will set you Free.

This is so true (((they))) are the real enemies of all races. Learn about the Holocaust. It is all (((a lie)))… start by watching David Cole documentary. Learn about Auschwitz. Read the Nuremberg trials… it is all a big fat lie in order to exploit us. The holocaust industry is what is funding Israel. They keep us feeling guilty for communist propaganda. You will start being woke if you google “concentration camps map” you will see that the only (((extermination camps))) were those which remained in the communist side… (((they))) were in control of the soviet union and (((they))) manufactured the lie.

You will find a lot of admiration for Thomas Sowell, Jason Riley, Allen West, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey and Booker T. Washington on the Alt-right. When you say keep a close look to what black intellectuals they have brought in to talk to, that is just a matter of who is willing to talk to them. If you look at the black intellectuals the Alt-right regularly discuss and look up to you will find those mentioned above. Keep a close look yourself, I’d say. Funny thing that you will find more supposedly racist alt-right fans of the brilliant man Thomas Sowell than blacks, it speaks exactly to what this article says.

Black Americans have a culture problem that only they themselves can fix. It got to this point by influences within and without, played and used for the benefit of the few. Your great leaders of the last century murdered. Your music and influence on culture co-opted or corrupted.

As a white person I support the hoteps and any similar movement with any other race or culture, that strives to lift their people up. Equality isn’t given, it is claimed. Success isn’t given, it is earned. There are unquestionably forces working to keep the black people down, but their power exists primarily through your acceptance of their ideas and unwillingness to do for yourself.

As always, your writing and opinions are thought provoking and educational.

Absolutely true. Thomas Sowell is revered by people routinely slandered as racist. His common sense is antithetical to progressive dogma. This is such a great article.

I agree with the points being made, but I’ll say again……this is not an alliance! Of course u must study your enemy & of course their will be commonalities, but an alliance means “a union formed for a mutual benefit”……there is no mutual benefit btw Hotep & alt-right! White supremacy & Black liberation simply CANNOT co-exist! For mere survival the former HAS to crush the latter (& vise versa). I believe whole-heartedly in the Hotel movement for self reliance but would never fool myself into thinking I could be in an alliance with the alt-right (which is just a PC way of saying neo-nazi)

Many people that consider themselves Alt-Right do not hate black people. What they hate(or for a better word, oppose) is the last 20-30 or so years of being told everything is their fault for no other reason than the color of their own skin. A situation im sure many black people can understand is shitty. For many years now they’ve been told they are racist because they were born white, that they have no culture, that they must do everything possible to help groups of people that would likely not give the same respect they’re demanding.

Please do not mistake this as trying to make it about white peoples’ problems, I am simply pointing out that people are tired of those specific situations, not black people, and want those fixed so we can all move forward without finger pointing constantly.

you do understand there must be a time frame or level of development needed to indicate when we switch from trying to learn and moving on from white america…for they did not let our forefathers leave, both repub & democrat parties had that exact chance numerous times, and both sides chose not to let the Black life be free. both of them… of course that would not have been profitable for the US to give up its service and manufacturing segments, there you to see black purpose in the west.

….also pay close attention to the rhetoric and who the modern WH chooses to speak to. which black intellectual, black economists or successful black profiteer have they brought in to talk to? i’ll answer for you, none… The AltRight WH chose to bring in steve harvey, jim brown, kanye lol west, the misleadin’ pastors..the same idiots propped up to keep us down is who trump and his people want to make sure POC see him dealing with….fucking clowns b

& you expect real people to respect that? …nerp

knowing our present status quo as a people i do see your point. however historically the ancestors and i also see the great need for you to be mindful of who the real enemy has always been…cuz im def not in the mood to be second again. plot out your course of allegiance to its end and for POC in the West, second place is the best you going to get. point blank period…

i do thank you for your work in helping to uplift Afrakan people globally…Afraka for the Afrakans, those at home and abroad. Hon.M.M.G.

The Altright may support Trump, but Trump isn’t Altright President. He is for all intents and purposes a “Civic Nationalist”, and in some inadvertent ways we align on certain issues. Altright was around before Trump and will be after. He’s more like an Alt-Lite President IMO. We (if i can generalize) see Trump as a small step in a new direction. for Whites to be honest with Blacks, we have to be allowed the right to embrace our identity (which is an insane situation to be in, if you could imagine this applied to you). It has to be a two way street, you know? There can be no diplomatic relations, if that basic honor is denied.

This is a great post that really draws from black nationalist history in America and lays out the facts. I’m white, but I hope Hotep ideas gain prominence in the black community, it would be beneficial to us all.

Ali Shakur this was a great article. I have fully supported your cause since I found out about it last year. All races need to stop wasting so much time pointing fingers and build up great communities. Once we get our houses in order, this world will be a better place. Of course there will be other issues that pop up but we will work together to fix it.