Hotep FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Hotep?

Hotep is a word that means “peace” or “satisfaction” and many other things. Hotep Nation is a group of people looking to restore integrity to the term “hotep” as it has been smeared by left-wing black media and the likes. Hotep Nation is about self-empowerment and self-accountability. Independence.

Why are Hoteps always criticizing black people?

For the most part it is tough love. We want better for our black cousins and believe in their potential. It’s like a parent’s criticism of a child who will not push to reach their potential but instead chooses a path of excuses and complacency.

Are Hoteps Democratic or Republican?

Hotep Nation is not alligned with the Democratic or Republican party. Hotep ideals align much more closely with Conservatives and Libertarians than they do Liberals and Progressives.

What is Hotep Homemade Woke Water?

This is our clean water and charity initiative – learn more here.

Who leads the Hoteps?

Hoteps do not have a leader. Each Hotep is a leader in their own right. To be Hotep means you must have been a thought leader amongst your associates anyway. Black movements of the past failed because they place emphasis on one leader who can be targeted. Once that leader is dead, the movement dies too. Hoteps will not make the same mistake.

Are there women hoteps?

There are many Hotep women. They are vital to the hotep movement. You will often hear a hotep man say, “the black woman is God”. Therefore admitting the important role of the female Hotep.

Do you guys hate women?

Of course not. See answer above.

Do you hate gays?

We do not hate gays and there are gay hoteps, believe it or not. We simply recognize that there is a deliberate agenda to break up the black family and one way to do so is to emasculate the black man. See the work of Neely Fuller and Dr. Frances Cress Welsing.

Why don’t you guys practice feminism?

Feminism is a social construct created by the oligarchies to start gender wars for the purpose of breaking the nuclear family structure. Divide and conquer. On the blacklivesmatter website under the Black Villages section, they clearly state they want to break up the nuclear family (has since been removed) .

Why do you say there’s no racism?

In the movie “The Great Debaters” the inspirational dialogue goes:

Who’s your opponent?
He doesn’t exist!
Why does he not exist?
Because he is merely a dissenting voice to the truth I speak!

We do in fact recognize racism as a system but will not allow it to hinder us by simply removing it as a hurdle in our minds. It is a psychological strategy.

Can white people be Hotep? Chrisitan? Muslim?

Anyone can join Hotep. There are no racial barriers but our goal is to uplift the “black” community across the globe — since it is the most abused & oppressed — especially on the South American and African continent.

See the 10 Hotep Commandments.

The 10 Hotep Commandments

What is the goal for Hotep Nation?

“Prosperity at any cost. Independence by any means”
We plan on focusing our people around economics by pushing them to develop new skills. We believe that we need to shift the black community from being habitual consumers to becoming habitual producers, that way we can build a strong economic base. We also seek to instill a better diet as blacks suffer from many illnesses incomparable to any other group of people like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Lastly, we believe in exercising our spirituality faculties above and beyond structured religions.

What is the relation between hotep and Egypt?

The term Hotep stems from Ancient Egypt (Kemet or KMT). Often people will say that this is the only thing Hoteps talk about and that is not true. Hoteps do recognize the dynasties of West Africa like the Empire of Mali and other notable royalty like Queen Nzinga of Ndongo (Angola). We recognize the history of all groups of African people across all continents. Egypt happens to be one of the Seven Wonders of the world. The architecture is unparalleled and even modern technology cannot duplicate it. It is the birthplace of Greek Philosophy, mathematics, language, science and monotheism. We believe that it is sacred to our history. Many blacks complain when whites are portrayed as royalty in Ancient Egyptian movies. They may call this cultural appropriation. But if you do not claim your own history, expect someone else to and they will create economics around it.

Are all of you guys vegan/vegetarian?

Not all. You will find many that are and advocate that lifestyle. Many are also transitioning to this diet as well. But you may come across some that participate in meat consumption. We only ask that you become conscious of what you eat.

How do I join?

Tap here to join Hotep Nation – the fastest growing group on the internet. If you’re on Twitter, add HOTEP to your display name and/or bio so we can recognize you and welcome you to our growing group of productive Hoteps.

Is this a religious sect?

This is NOT a religious sect although at times it can appear like one. Some Hoteps shun western religion and some even shun Islam. It depends on which Hotep you talk to. Again, Hotep Nation is not monolithic.

Why do Hoteps disagree with Black Lives Matter?

Black Lives Matter wishes to appeal to the moral nature of a people that have shown no signs of having a moral compass. Hoteps believe this is asinine. Black Lives Matter would rather complain about the damage the “white man” has done to their communities instead of fixing the issues themselves.

BLM wishes to protest and Hoteps do not.

BLM will not acknowledge the black on black crime in the community while Hoteps do.

BLM does not believe that black economics will cure many of the black communities’ problems and Hoteps have reason to believe otherwise.

There has been a deliberate smear campaign against Hoteps, which you can see if you Google “hotep”, so naturally there will be a conflict between the groups because of this. Criticism is okay but slander is obviously unnecessary.

BLM does not think they can solve their own problems but asks for government interference. Hoteps do not wish for government interference but instead, believe that the problems within the black community can be solved by the black community w/o governmental interference. In a 1999 trial, the United States government was found guilty of conspiracy to murder Martin Luther King Jr. Why would you want a government that does that to your leaders having a hand in your community? That is counter-intuitive. We need not go into the infiltration of the Black Panther Party by the FBI. BLM will admit that government is corrupt but in the same breath ask for government assistance.

We believe that BLM is a group that it propped up by the same oligarchy that BLM claims oppress them, therefore we cannot support it. In short, BLM is a Trojan Horse to black power, propped up by billionaires like George Soros through his Open Society organization. If you follow the money trail, you’ll be able to connect the dots.

Are hoteps conspiracy theorists?

Again, Hoteps are not monolithic. Many may fall under the category of a conspiracy theorist but we believe that if you’re not theorizing, then you are NOT THINKING FOR YOURSELF. To not theorize means to take the public narrative as fact without any further investigation. Hoteps believe that you should question the validity of EVERYTHING and do your own independent research. To NOT be a conspiracy theorist is to have a mentally dead outlook on your society.

Does pro-black = anti-white?

It might. But that is not always the case. Are pro-animal rights, anti-human rights? Can you see now how ridiculous this question is?

Black Lives Matter and other left-wing socialist liberal groups certainly appear to be. As for Hotep Nation, we are NOT anti-white. For clarification read this alt-right association centered blog post.

Do any of the hoteps own businesses?

Again, it is a part of our main goal to be PRODUCERS so yes, there are many business owners in the Hotep community. We will publish a list in the future and update this page to link there.

What does Hotep do for the community?

One should not ask what the Hoteps do for the community – the community should ask itself what it’s doing for the community. A community is made up of individuals and families. Hoteps build strong individuals and families which by default creates a stronger community.

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