Hotep Woke Water is here but what is it?


Hotep Homemade Woke Water is a Hotep Nation project to raise awareness and funding to attack the lack of clean water available both in the United States and abroad. Along with this initiative, we will embark on a journey to provide schools in Africa and the U.S. with the supplies they need for higher learning.

The Mission

When we first thought of this thing we started doing research on independent clean water initiatives here in the U.S. but we couldn’t find any that were NOT working with the EPA. So, we are currently in the process and reaching out to them and discovering other ways we can assist in providing clean water to U.S. citizens.

Twice the population of the United States lives without access to safe water. Click To Tweet

Instances like the Flint Water Crisis, need to be documented and the information made more readily available to the public so that everyone is aware and hopefully we can circumvent another Flint from happening. We are going to make that our mission to track this and update you.

Clean water is a God-given right that everyone deserves.

In the meantime, we have created a campaign page on and will update that page as we transfer funds. We want to be as transparent and open as possible so everyone knows where the money is going.

global clean water statistics

How does this work?

Every bottle of Hotep Homemade Woke Water sold contributes to charitable work. You can use your purchase receipt as a tax write off. 70% goes to a charity and 30% goes into the Hotep Nation bank to reinvest and supplement resources for our other philanthropic projects.

woke water initiative

Why does one bottle of Woke Water cost $125?

Let’s be honest. We live on a planet that’s 71% water and the ocean’s hold about 96.5% of earth’s water. How is water not free or at least affordable?

We frequent clubs that overcharge for alcohol at exponentially raised prices. Our clothes are sold at 300%+ profit margins. There are a ton of examples like this.

So, to poke fun at this, we overcharged for Woke Water.

Due to the high price of Woke Water, this product is going to be extremely EXCLUSIVE & RARE.

This collector’s item is a token of appreciation for your support.

There will only be 1,000 bottles in circulation as we would like to raise $125,000 through this campaign.

With high-profit margins, we can afford to create an affiliate program which will allow people to become resellers of Woke Water and earn money. The goal here is to put money into people’s pockets that need to earn some cash and give them a way to become a part of the Hotep movement and start giving back.

Details on that coming soon! To register early for this program, email hotepnation [at] gmail . com

Where did the idea come from?

One night, Chris took to Twitter and forgot to add a comma in the tweet below. Twitter went into a frenzy trying to figure out what “Homemade Water” is. We ran with the joke and have been telling people that we make water ever since (but we actually don’t). Now you know where the term “Homemade” came from. Ha!

I find this hilarious! Prank your friends by telling them that Hoteps make Homemade water and I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of their reaction.

If you see us pranking people on the Twitter timeline, PLEASE, join in on the fun!

Bottom Line

We want to help humanity globally and we are starting with a clean water initiative as this is a daily necessity for a quality life. Help us make Woke Water a successful project and please purchase a bottle or two. Shipping is on us!

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