Is Hotep the black form of white supremacy?


Some say Hoteps are black supremacists because of our respect for white supremacy. The ability to respect someone’s power is an alpha trait. A beta is emotional and takes everything to heart. For a beta, there is “good” and “bad”. For the alpha, there are only “is” and “isn’t”.

Good and bad are subjective opinions based on emotion. The alpha can look their enemy in the eye, not like them, but still respect them. That takes courage and self-confidence; something most people don’t have.

What if true?

Let’s say it’s true. Hoteps are black supremacists. Isn’t this a good thing for black folks? Why are black people complaining about black supremacy? They’ve now taken on TWO enemies but the latest one is their cousin. That’s called shooting yourself in the foot. If the Hoteps succeeded they wouldn’t be oppressed anymore. Isn’t that what they complain about; oppression?

Newton’s third law states, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. So, naturally, if white supremacy exists, a force will spawn to combat it.

Crying about oppression, complaining about police brutality, lack of jobs, gentrification, etc whilst not creating any systems of their own is counter intuitive. Why would they expect their enemy to provide for them? By waiting for a white savior to give your people jobs and opportunity, you inadvertently empower so-called white supremacy.

White comparison

Why do they say that Hotep is the black form of White Supremacy? Because they habitually have to compare everything to white people. It’s as if white people are their measuring stick. When we talk about black on black crime, they usually say, “White people kill white people too!”.

African Americans’ main issue is comparing themselves to white people. In numerous aspects of life, they compare themselves to whites. How often have we heard the phrase, “If he was white they wouldn’t have shot him”? Or what about when they put a black man’s mugshot in the news and blacks say, “If he was white they wouldn’t have posted a mugshot”.

How often do they say, “John Brown was the first black man to…”. This statement immediately says, you’re in second place because if you’re the first black then some other race must have beat you to it. This is called, “subconscious loser mentality”.

We have more than enough accolades in our rich history that we do not need to bring up the one’s created for a white system. Like the first black woman to win a gold medal at the Olympics. But that’s only because they finally ALLOWED blacks to compete in their silly games. They knew you’d win and that’s why they’ve done everything to prevent you.

While blacks are screaming “If he was white…”, Hoteps are simply stating, “If we had our own systems then white people wouldn’t be relevant to our situation.”


It is these liberal blacks mentally conditioned by liberal media funded by billions of white liberal dollars. These blacks literally ARE white supremacy. They aren’t LIKE white supremacy or another form. They are in fact, white supremacy. Pawns for those they claim to oppose.

Here it is, a struggling black demographic fighting over which white person will save their ghettos. Hillary or Trump? No matter which way you turn you get burned. Hillary has stolen billions from Haiti, yet she has the most black women on her campaign team than any president in history. So called White Supremacy is using black energy to fuel itself and we willingly sacrifice it.

While the black communities continue to struggle, blacks still beg whites for opportunity and salvation. This immediately strengthens the power of white supremacy because again, YOU place them in the position of power. Why not take matters into your own hands?

These same blacks do not hesitate to facilitate the growth of white money via the of purchase white brands like Nike and Gucci. In fact, their status and confidence hang from the thread of white-owned clothing. No longer are their bodies hung, but it is now their dignity that hangs from the rope of white acceptance. And that’s sad. How low have we fallen?

There is no good or bad. Only ‘is’ or ‘isn’t’
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Uncle Hotep: Is Hotep a form of White Supremacy?

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I’d like to point out a fact i didn’t see mentioned in the article. There are Hoteps of other races besides black. Such as myself a white Italian Hotep. Hoteps are not racist . They want a fair shake at life just like anybody else. They don’t wait around and use excuses to hold themselves back. All while not holding other people’s back.

Hotep, I’m very happy to read this.

As an ostensibly ‘white’ Reactionary, I find it positive that blacks particularly in America are looking at their station in life from emancipation to the present day and recognize that in fact things have not improved despite institutional discrimiation being effectively wiped out to the point where so-called black activists have to ghost-hunt for ‘subconscious bias’ and other such things. It becomes quite clear that the problem is not whites discriminating against blacks, but that blacks are being forced to live in a status quo that was not designed by them or with them in mind. Modernity is awful for whites, but it is tragic for blacks who find themselves completely unable to succeed or tackle the problems faced in their own communities because whites won’t let them handle it ‘their way’.

Certain races can live under similar systems, but others are unable because of how they learn and how they relate themselves to others and to religious concepts. Those from Africa are very much of this type, and while naysayers point to African countries with significant problems (Congo, Mali, Nigeria), there are also African countries that are run reasonably effectively and don’t have nearly the same problems as inner cities in the USA. Black Americans deserve to have their own place and set up the government they themselves choose, and deal with petty crime in the ways that they see fit. The continuing liberal fantasy is the real imposition on black Americans, and that’s the prison that has to be broken out of. Not just for blacks, but for all peoples.

Start with jobs to get the black unemployment rate down. There are few jobs in poor urban areas, and businesses avoid these areas because of crime, or prejudiced policies. The federal government has only made the issue worse with the war on drugs, unethical medical standards and rules, stiffer criminal sentences and drug court/probation that keeps you in their system.

Start locally. Give businesses incentives to bring jobs to the inner cities and ghettos. If those jobs require any brief training, the city/county could assist with the training program, or subsidize it through a third party. Ensuring they will have good workers will be necessary to bring them in.

The feds are not going to do anything for the black community, as they have always had destructive and oppressive policies and actions towards them. Take control locally and then we can go from there. If your state elects their judges instead of appointing, take control at the ballot box. Spread the word about inept , inefficient or corrupt politicians to get them gone.

I appreciate your site and your mission. Your message of personal empowerment and improvement is important for everyone.