Hoteps For Tulsi Gabbard 2020 [OpEd]


Recently, Uncle Hotep & Hotep Jesus (me) have come out in support of Tulsi Gabbard for the 2020 Presidential Election.

Today, I’d like to explain why you should too. Especially, if you want Trump to win.

I’ve tweeted about my support for Tulsi already, and it wasn’t received well by your average right-leaning voter.

They said she’s basically Bernie 2.0. They complained she’s not pro-life, she’s a gun-grabber, she wants Medicare-for-all, she wants renewable energy…blah blah blah.

But I’m going to show you why none of that matters. Her policies are irrelevant to the coming race. If you haven’t noticed, none of our presidents keep their promises, so why would you believe what they say anyway?

The Left and the Right — The Democrips & Rebloodicans ain’t on the people’s side. It’s Us (the people) vs THEM. These people spend more time strategizing for election & reelection than they do trying to solve our problems.

At what point do the people organize and control THEM? We elect them, right? They are our servants, right? They are to serve the people, no? But they continually fail, don’t they? It’s not them. It’s us! We apply NO strategy.

The conservative right is so stubborn and set in their ways, that most of them wouldn’t even think, for not even 10 seconds, about supporting a Democrat. Meanwhile, they elect liberals that call themselves Republicans.

Fooled again! (LOL)

When are WE going to start fooling THEM?

Let’s make this thing as basic as possible so everyone can follow along.

The U.S. Presidential Race is exactly like NFL Football. There’s an NFC (Blue) and AFC (Red). Each conference is their own separate tournament. There will be an AFC champ and an NFC champ.

Obviously, we know we’re in for a Trump v. Biden Super Bowl. But what if, the NFC champ, Biden, has injuries on his roster going into the Super Bowl game? Don’t the odds tip evermore into Trump’s favor?

Bernie has never been sharp enough to win ANY presidential race. The DNC rigged the “NFC” race against him — and they STILL lost. What if pushing Tulsi makes the “NFC” fumble again?

Let’s be honest — Tulsi is the sharpest Democrat in the race and the LEAST socialist. NOT supporting her would go against basic common sense for a so-called conservative or so-called libertarian. If you had to pick a Democrat candidate, you’d pick Tulsi.

If Tulsi gets a push and a bit of astroturfing, like 4Chan helped Trump, she could disrupt the DNC and tire out Biden, so he’s not as sharp & fresh when facing Trump. She’s the only Democrat who has the balls to expose Biden.

And once those creepy and rapey memes get going online, Joe will look even worse in the light.

An old white man, that supported the Clinton Crime Bill, is not progressive enough for 2020. The Democrats are supposed to be all about woman empowerment and equality but they lead with a suspected white supremacist, Joe Biden.

They cry about equal rights for POC — but right before their eyes is a Woman Person Of Color and they completely ignore her like the corrupt racists that they are.

The silent majority is watching and listening. Give them something else to consider. Don’t let Joe coast to the finish line. Make him work for it.

Make the DNC work. Give them work to do. When you apply pressure, it forces your opponent to make mistakes. Become unpredictable. When they see someone they didn’t account for, start to gain momentum, it throws them off plan.

Make the DNC sweat! Throw a wrench in their plans. She qualified for debates, now let’s make it a race.

Tulsi 2020!

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