How to infiltrate the right-wing as a black conservative


Infiltrating the right wing as a black conservative is probably one of the easiest cons ever!

The right-wing is so desperate for black support that they will latch onto any black conservative that will toe the line and parrot the talking points.

And that’s all that’s really required – sticking to the talking points. You too can be a popular black conservative – if you can stick to the script.

Let’s begin…

The most deceptive trick and possibly the least moral, is taking advantage of people’s spiritual nature. It’s everyone’s weak spot.

If you want to be a good right-wing black you will play up the Christian card. You should strategically inject Jesus and God into your speech. Attaching yourself to their spiritual doctrine is very sneaky and potent and gives you strong point of relatability.

If you take a stance against Islam will earn you extra brownie points. The right-wing appears to be threatened by the rapid spreading of Islam across the globe. But be careful not to be labeled an Islamaphobe or you could be de-platformed from social media.

Conservatives especially oppose Muslims who take an anti-Israel stance like Rashida Tlaib & Ilhan Omar. If you want to rise amongst the ranks of the right-wing you’ll take aim at these two and others like them. If you want bonus points, criticize Louis Farrakhan. You’re not even safe on the left-wing if you align with Louis Farrakhan and take an anti-Israel stance. Ask Marc Lamont Hill.

To continue, it is important to always take a pro-Israel stance. Doing the opposite will get you ousted immediately without inquisition or discourse.

Let’s change gears now that we’ve covered your new spiritual path to invading the right-wing.

Although you are a black person you shouldn’t identify with your skin color. The conservatives loath identity politics and race determination. Anything pro-black will most likely get no support from your right-wing following and will leave a bad taste in their mouth.

Do not identify with Africa. If you want to infiltrate the right-wing you must identify as an American. Forget your roots in Africa or the Caribbean and be an “American patriot”.

Act like racism doesn’t exist.

When there is an act of racism, completely ignore it or blame the black victim. You’ll get tons of engagement for doing the latter. If you sympathize with the death of black life or the struggle of being black in America you will not get any support so forget about that.

You can, however, complain about racism if you blame it on a liberal/Democrat. In that case, it’s acceptable.

Whenever a black man or woman is killed by police, whether innocent or guilty, simply bring up Chicago black-on-black violence, even though the violence in Baltimore & St. Louis is much worse. Chicago is a buzz word for conservatives and it’ll trigger them to engage. And remember, to always say you support the boys in blue. They eat that up!

Ready to get your hands dirty? Take aim at any popular black left-wing talking head and conservatives will love you. You’re doing what they can’t do. If they criticize blacks they’ll be called racist. So, you do their dirty work and they’ll love you for it.

When you’re bored or when all else fails, attack Obama. Conservatives hate Obama. Any criticism of Obama will be showered with praise. Talk about Libya and how Obama made it possible for slavery to rise in the nation.

Or play up the talking point which states that Obama did more for the gay community than the black community. Actually, don’t do that. Criticizing anything LGBT will get you banned from social media. Better to leave that alone.

Identify people on the left who are easy targets and troll them. For example, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an easy target. If you ever want engagement from your audience all you have to do is attack her and everyone will celebrate like you’re god’s gift to humanity.

Now, you have a choice of two personas that are allowable to really excel.

Either keep your white voice on at all times, like the movie “Sorry to Bother You” or go the ghetto ignorant route. White conservatives love ignorant blacks who don’t articulate well because they feel less threatened intellectually. It plays towards their superiority complex when they are able to help the not-so-well to do negro. Add some fried chicken to your act for extra praise.

Remember, you’re a mule for a political war now. You can have no allies on the left. Everyone over there is the enemy. Even if you agree with a leftist idea, policy, or talking point, do not express it. Keep it to yourself or pay the consequences. You’re kind of in a gang now.

Your job isn’t to put America first. That would require you to analyze America objectively and objectivity isn’t allowed in the political arena. Only approved subjective talking points are.

Stick to the script and you’ll be a regular on Fox News in no time!


Anyone who would like to NOT be manipulated by the opportunist black conservative should study themselves. Do you latch onto every talking head that agrees with you and confirms your bias? Or do you vet the people you support by judging their heart and authenticity?

Because if you fall in love with every political darling who agrees with you, you are no different than a woman/girl who takes everything a man/boy says at face value, only to be heartbroken later on.

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