Kanye’s MAGA-charged rant on SNL receives backlash but was it deserved?


All week I’ve been speaking on how people who believe they are “woke”, are really just emotional and misinformed. Despite what James Baldwin said, being “woke” isn’t about being angry at the world all day. Being woke, in essence, is living the undeniable truths of Universal Law. However you interpret and act on it is entirely on you, though.

Last night and today we got to see these parallels in the most blatant way I’ve seen in a long time. Musical genius and now #MAGA Supporter, Kanye West delivered a strong monologue at the end of his guest appearance on SNL. I’ll link the videos.

Kanye spoke up against the Evil Left and said they “bullied” him backstage. They told him not to wear his MAGA hat on stage. They even silenced him and cut the feed altogether. This is the treatment you get when you’re ACTUALLY working to make a change – an abundance of hate from the people you’re working to help.

See, what many people keep ignoring is that Kanye hasn’t changed all that much. He may have gotten older and more into himself. He definitely took the loss of his mother hard, but for the most part, Kanye has always been like this his whole career.

He was the first person I heard say College was a scam. He was the first person I saw speak out against the Government. He was the first celebrity I saw demand people revere him and place him amongst the greatest to ever do what he does, to the point that he crashed award shows and interviews.

It was ALL good when Kanye was doing this to people and institutions that we didn’t like. Everyone hates college. Everyone hated Bush, even Bush voters. As far as black (and most breathing) people are concerned, Taylor Swift couldn’t shine Beyonce’s shoes so even the “I’ll let you finish” event wasn’t THAT controversial to us.

However, the minute Ye started speaking out against Democrats and aligning with Right Wing Republicans like Candace Owens & Charlie Kirk, that’s when Kanye went from being “woke” to being a “coon” for “white supremacy”. Oh, and of course him marrying Kim Kardashian and calling out Jay-Z & Beyonce for not coming to their wedding.

Since then, Ye has been named and labeled everything derogatory in the liberal “woke” book. He’s in the “Sunken Place”, he’s a “Sellout”, he “needs a black woman”. A bunch of nonsense attempts of trying to make sense of what he’s doing from their narrow worldviews.

This isn’t new. For as long as I can remember, the person that spoke out and rebelled from the status quo was ALWAYS hated, especially after they gained popularity.

The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey Jr. was a Jamaican African Nationalist who spoke and exemplified integrity, honor, entrepreneurship, and pride to his people. He’s famously quoted as saying “Up, up, you mighty race! Accomplish what you will!” in an era of blatant white racism and vast demoralization among Black Americans. Garvey inspired an entire generation of black people worldwide to shake the mental shackles of oppression and step into their greatness. 

Like Modern Day Hoteps, Garvey approached his movement in an unorthodox manner. He didn’t feed into the victim narrative, built businesses, and even endeavored to relocate willing Black-American citizens to resettle in Africa. He didn’t hate racist white people, and actually respected certain aspects of their movements. 

Not because he hated his own people, but because any smart leader HAS to be knowledgeable of their opposition. Like it or not, you don’t get into power by luck and a prayer. You have to study powerful people, good or evil, to see how they got there. You extract their strategies and use it for your own movements.

Also like Modern Day Hoteps, Garvey was hated by the Deray Mckesson & Black Lives Matter of the day, W.E.B Du Bois & the NAACP. Du Bois sounded exactly like the victim-minded Black-Americans you hear today. He once said “Marcus Garvey, is, without doubt, the most dangerous enemy of the Negro race in America and in the world. He is either a lunatic or a traitor.” 

He called Garvey an ugly monkey, fat and black. Garvey wasn’t soft though, he fired back and said Du Boi was “purely and simply a white man’s nigger.” Something I think is incredibly hilarious. The narrative, just like these days for liberated blacks, was that Garvey is actually an agent for white supremacy because he didn’t fight for social justice and white acceptance.

Du Bois and other Black Leaders of the time led the charge to get Garvey arrested and imprisoned. They literally petitioned the US Attorney General to lock Garvey up. Why? Jealousy. These black leaders were jealous that Garvey was so popular, not just in America, but around the world. When given the choice, oppressed people will ALWAYS choose to be liberated over being a victim. The black leaders that profit from your oppression doesn’t like that. 

Garvey was loved by millions of black people worldwide, but all it took was five black agents hired by J. Edgar Hoover & the Bureau of Investigation (the precursor to the FBI) to infiltrate Garvey’s organization, the UNIA and find incriminating evidence to get him deported. He was later charged with mail fraud, spent 2 years in an Atlanta prison, and then deported to Jamaica in 1927.

Now, before you flood my mentions calling me crazy for comparing Kanye West to Marcus Garvey. I’m not saying Kanye is on the same level of radical nationalism as Garvey, but he IS speaking out against the SAME victim narratives that have been perpetuated since slavery and the same “leaders” are doing their best to distance themselves and silence him.

I’ve already seen Chris Rock, Swizz Beatz, and several other black celebrities come with their criticism towards Ye, and it’s only going to pick up more steam throughout the week. They have to show their liberal overlords that they’re still willing to play ball.

If you think Kanye is just “whoring” for attention to sell records and sneakers, then you’re ironically the sleep one here. It would be much easier to be in the good graces of the masses and not have to risk your career at all than to sport a MAGA hat and tell black people they don’t have to vote Democrat.

Kanye tweeted that his MAGA represents “Good” and “America” becoming whole again. He wants to end job outsourcing to foreign nations, create American factories, bring jobs back, and amend the 13th Amendment which abolished slavery UNLESS you committed a crime. THIS is what it looks like when you’re really “woke”. 

I could’ve been MUCH richer if I chose to tell you how the “racial wealth gap” won’t ever allow you to succeed instead of teaching Wealth Building. I could’ve made a career in blaming white supremacy instead of showing you what you can accomplish with the TRILLION dollars you spend every year.

And because of that, more people hate what I stand for than those who support it. And I’m 100% happy with that. I’d rather you hate me for telling the truth than love me for lying.

If you’re in the business of speaking the truth, then be prepared for the backlash. Be ready to have your own people embrace you and then hate you for the same thing. Be ready to find out that the people you were taught to hate are actually more aligned with your beliefs & morals than your so-called “allies”.


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