Should Lebron James sit or stand for the national anthem?


Many argue that Lebron James should stand for the national anthem and others say he should kneel/sit. My opinion is, he should stand. Here’s why:

What’s the outcome?

Let’s say Lebron decides to sit or kneel, what then? What has changed since Colin Kaepernick has made his publicity stunt? I’ll tell you. NOTHING. But the NFL sure as hell cashed in. Not only did his jersey sell number one but now everyone’s tuning in to see who’s the next player to sit. The media also gets a boost in ratings because race happens to be the hot topic, FOR NOW.

Can this cause change?

NO. Sitting or standing for the national anthem is going to do NOTHING for the black community. The subject is an arbitrary distraction and the powers that be know it. What could change the black community? Exactly what Lebron James has been doing, like donating $41 million to send 1,100 kids to college.

You show up to a white man’s stadium for a white man’s league, to watch white-owned teams, whilst calling yourself “fresh” while wearing the white man’s clothes, and have the audacity to protest?

Where is your league black man? All the stars are black. The league revolves around YOU. And you’re still getting bullied. Why? Because it ain’t your football and it ain’t your field. And it ain’t your town and it ain’t your cops.

Is ‘coon’ really necessary?

Is it really necessary for the black community to castigate Lebron for his opinion? How come the black community never wants to take a sharp look at the things that can reshape the black community? Why are they so stuck on moral victories?

“Moral victories is for minor league coaches. – Jay Z”
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This is what we call SELF HATE. Lack of respect. This is why the black community can’t win. So-called white supremacy is on cruise control and black people are doing all the work.

Why stand?

There are a few reasons why he should stand. Firstly, it’s a distraction from the game and his teammates. Second, it could alienate the emotions of some of his audience and fans who believe that kneeling is disrespectful. This could also hurt his brand sentiment and endorsement opportunities. And for what? So, blacks can throw him under the bus next time they disagree with him? Ha!

Lastly, it’s TOO LOUD. Jill Scott stated in an interview that the movement must be quiet, and I agree. It must be under the radar. That’s where blacks have failed in the past. They broadcast their plans on national TV then wonder why they are so easily thwarted.

“Whatever you have planned, keep it in the dark. Revolution does not happen in the light.” – Jill Scott [tweet this quote]

How do your government agencies move? Quiet and under the radar. Asians were quarantined to internment camps in the 1940s. You don’t see them marching and protesting. They don’t even play sports. They own companies that profit from the sports. The technology behind them. Jews were prosecuted worldwide and they didn’t protest. But look up now and they own the music industry, the media, and Hollywood.

“Build. Do not destroy. Creating something so unique that it makes the current circumstances obsolete.” [tweet this quote]

The flipside

Now, allow me to provide an objective opinion of the other side. Would it be nice to see Lebron sit? Yes. Would it be super-powerful for him to stand in solidarity with these others? Yes. Would I personally like to see it? Yes. I’d be delighted. Especially for a man with his amount of influence. But will I criticize him for not kneeling? No! His statements and opinions were sound and grounded and he still supported the so-called movement.


My problem with the movement is, the movement ain’t moving. And if it is moving, it’s moving in the wrong direction. It’s not building, it’s destroying.

Stop all the fuss. “Talk don’t cook rice.” -Chinese proverb [tweet this quote]

Let’s do the work. The problem has been here, it’s still here, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s time for ACTION! Not this emotional flim-flam.

Watch the Lebron James National Anthem protest response

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There are so many people that say America is a terrible country. If it is such a terrible place, why are so many fighting to get here? When you start comparing our freedoms opportunities to the freedoms and opportunities in other countries, America comes out on top. It is so easy to look around and see things wrong with this country, but our flag represents the creed that we will strive to do better. Our flag represents hope. There are hundreds of thousands of men who have died to protect that hope. Those men died so can others protest injustice. Sitting or taking a knee during the anthem is a slap in the face of those who have payed the ultimate price. I hope Lebron continues to stand.