Fake news is here and it’s dangerous.

It looks like CNN and Don Lemon don’t actually want America to heal. It looks like they want to exaggerate and exasperate racial tension.

LeBron’s good deed, the “I Promise” school, is overshadowed by race baiters – marching in to derail the premise of the deed.

LeBron James was used by CNN and Don Lemon to sell lies to the people. They only care about elections and monetizing Trump hate.

There’s big money in monetizing Trump – Trump is the new stimulus package.

This is just another example of how the MSM use black people and their work as fodder for their agenda.

The history books will make it seem like this decade was so full of racism and racial tension but only a few will know that it was a lie created by the media to win an election.

Listen to Uncle Hotep and Hotep Jesus weigh in on LeBron James’ new school.

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