Love Mystery


Who taught you love? What act of nature injected it into your DNA? You show yours differently than I do. I don’t understand hers. They don’t think mine exists. I’m also pretty sure his is fake.

Love can play roles or love can be silent. Dormant. A weapon. Only life to torture because love will bypass death. Love moves fast and no one can teach you how to keep pace. I can.

But I won’t. The pursuit of love is very similar to the pursuit of God. Love won’t get capitalized in the middle of a sentence, but even an atheist can be consumed by it.

Which is the higher power? Science can attempt to explain God, religion, even the existence of man. Ethiopia, Zion. The chemicals inside us do react, same as they would for chocolate or riding a roller coaster.

The most advanced species on the planet unable to determine if the chemicals inside us are the cause of the feelings we harbor for one another? They most certainly do. But somehow, I know better. No formula can convince me what I feel for my son and daughter boils down to a combination of elements released by my brain.

I express my love through my words and hard work. I’ll die bare boned of exhaustion before I let my loved ones see someone who won’t push it to the limit for them. I also give tight hugs and know how to make sure your pillow and blanket set up leaves you cozy as possible.

One of my strongest forms of love is doing absolutely nothing. Letting love exist in a connection with no expectations or restrictions is a beauty. Come as you are, let’s just let love flow as it may.

I often wonder, how do others love? People who are not good with words, or are lazy bums. Their expression is just as real. Finger paint your masterpiece. Does the rich man’s garden beat the poor man’s flower?

The intent was the same but does consistent effort matter to the one who did whatever it took to reach new heights? Webster doesn’t hold my definition.

People often ask me how I can stay so calm in the face of conflict. It’s because I understand balance completely. As strong as the love is for my children, I understand the world may hate them just as much one day. Let’s go.

Before you held that door open for me and smiled, I already hated you. Before you cussed me out on social network for simply having an opinion, I already loved you.

Love and hate are so intertwined they may be the exact same thing at some moments in time and the surface of who we are rarely has space for 2 stars in the spotlight. Sometimes you disgusting maggots make me so proud and the purest of souls shame our very existence.

So how do you define love, or is it even worth defining? You could have been learning a skill instead of reading this. I don’t think you would love any harder if I stopped typing after the 1st paragraph, nor would you love any less if I kept going another ten paragraphs. If everything worth having was born out of love, then maybe I wrote this for a reason. Clicks!

Love doesn’t bring clicks, though. The spotlight craves drama. Pain causes us all to put up walls within who we are for protection. Creates a lot more shade within us when that sun starts shining.

If this was able to knock a few bricks off the wall to light up some dark areas, just be sure not to throw them at others. Let Love Live.

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