The killer morning routine that guarantees you instant success


How you start your day often dictates how your day will carry on. Today I will provide a brief guide to starting your day ready for success.

Dream recall

As our consciousness returns to this plane or as you awaken – return from dream-state, imagine as if you’re crossing over from one world to another. This transition should be as smooth as possible and what you experienced in the other world is just as important as what you experience in this one.

Your dreams are a reflection of what’s sitting in your subconscious. They tell you what’s going on in your “deep-mind”. As you come back to conscious it behooves you to spend a few moments in bed recalling your dreams.

Lie flat on your back, take control of breathing, and reflect the moments of dream status. If you do this immediately after you awaken, recalling your dreams will be easy and the longer you delay the harder it will be.

I highly recommend this awesome book “The Inner World of Dreams” by Phyllis L. Pipitone which will help you understand dreams and harness their power.

The goal here is to allow the interpretations and understandings of your dream world help you understand more of yourself and occurrences in the real world.

First input

The first thing you put in your mind is most important. Think of your morning mind as a baby. You wouldn’t show that which is perverted and disturbing to a baby. Treat your mind in the same manner. Protect your subconscious.

As we just previously discussed, the dream world is: you experiencing your subconscious mind.

As you awaken, your subconscious is super-receptive.

Grab an inspirational book, nothing related to school or work. This could be a philosophical, motivational, or even prayer book. The world is going to hit you with all kinds of tests and negativity so it’s important to feed the mind something beneficial FIRST.

Keep an ebook in your phone or physical book by your bed so it’s there first thing in the morning. DO NOT check the media or social media because these places are filled with lower vibrational energies.

I’ll cover energies in a later piece. But basically, it’s anti-stimuli which bring us DOWN in mood and vibe. We want to go UP!

Get my free guide to hacking your subconscious mind and manifesting your inner desires. I am absolutely positive it will help you understand the subject clearer.


Now that we have the positive influence in our mind along with our dream-thoughts, it’s time to take these and bring them to God, our higher self, our guides, the universe, the cosmic or whatever term you prefer.

Meditation will allow us to perceive both the information and subconscious thoughts from a higher perspective. It will open up communication with the upper realms to give greater insight. Dynamic thought and super-thought will imbue you with intuitive clarity.

Ideas will come. Keep a notebook handy to record the influx of spiritual inspiration.

Not only that but the meditation will clear the mind and prepare it for all the tests it will face throughout the day. Use this practice to set your intentions for the day. Program your mental to be in a good mood, to be brave, to chase your dreams and the subconscious mind will handle the rest.

“The left and the right side of the brain start disconnecting at age 8. When you meditate, they start to integrate back together. You can never have an “aha” moment, any kind of entrepreneurial or creative idea, unless you’re present, and meditation is the greatest tool known to bring people back to present.”Russell Simmons Explains Why Meditation Is Better Than Drinking


We are living on a water planet – the spiritual realm is water-like. The human body is made up of about 57% – 60% water. Our brain is 75% water. Why would we ignore something so blatant and natural – yet rare in our solar system? 🤔

With our bodies now awaken, the digestive system and other systems like the lymph are cleansing the body. The human machine is now functioning or “back to work”. To aid this process, we should drink a glass of cool, not cold, water.

“A recent study by Germany researchers suggest that 90 minutes after drinking cold water (H20) will boost your metabolism by 24% over their average metabolism rate.”


At about 8 am bowel movements which follow the circadian rhythm or biological clock. Some believe that this is the best time to eat during the day. What better time to eat than when the body the movement are moving and the digestive system is most active?

circadian rhythm bio clock

We do not want to eat anything dead or non-electric. We are in fact electric beings so we should be eating electric foods. Oatmeal, cereal, waffles, bagels, donuts, etc. are all dead or non-electric foods. Instead get something electric in your body.

After eating a breakfast of “dead foods” you’ll likely feel dead. Why? Because the body needs to take precious energy to digest this dead food. With fruit, your body will find digestion much easier and you’ll retain more energy.

Quick story: I play footy in a 30+ league and I accidentally experimented with my body. One time I had a “healthy shake” (chocolate almond milk with cocoa powder) and I felt great. Another time I had crackers (not thinking) and I felt like crap. But the most recent game I had nothing at all. Basically, I fasted.

That last game I was running the field like a wild man. I did not have that type of energy all season or even all year. Which proved, at least to me, that digestion takes energy. Even with the “healthy shake”, I felt great but the energy was not the same. Only when I fasted did I have the most energy.

From now on I’ll be sure to have my “healthy shake” at least 2 hours before my game to ensure I’m playing on an empty stomach and my body isn’t purging precious energy for digestion.

I’m thinking about this with the gym too.


With all of the above, the final step is simple. RUN! Why? Because we have to get the blood flowing and the heart pumping. This will cause nutrients to circulate the body faster and will give you a natural high.

Some of my best thoughts occur when I’m running. I’m going to run right after I finish writing this and record an accompanying video.

The heart keeps us alive and pumps the life liquid. It’s a muscle and needs to be worked out. Just like still waters grow mold think of your blood as the same. Force your blood to flow via exercise and push toxins out of your body through the organic and glandular systems.

Take this information and actually apply it and you will see an immediate transformation. The more consistent you are the deeper the transformation will be. Be well!

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