Are POC helping or killing the African American community?


Aliens have landed in black communities across America and they are sucking the life out of them.

No matter what hood or ghetto in America you observe, you can count on the Asians or Arabs to control the centers of commerce – gas stations, corner stores, beauty supply stores, etc. They love to sell us all of our desired poisons like cigarettes, alcohol, and MSG.

African American consumerism is so voracious that it’ll take an entire volume of books to publish a study of their behaviors in each category. We will only touch on a few today.

POC Entreprenurship

According to a 2013 Nielsen report, blacks purchase nine times more beauty and grooming products than all other “Americans”. Whoa!

Grooming is a necessity and when your NEEDS are being supplied by a foreigner, guess who’s in control.

African Americans spend roughly $500m yearly on hair care and grooming products, of which about 80% is owned and distributed by Koreans. That’s a $400m opportunity loss for blacks. In other words, we lose $400 million dollars every year in just that category. Do you want to know why we don’t accumulate wealth? This is why.

If someone is supplying your everyday needs, isn’t that like a child? You cannot even sustain yourselves – and you wonder why you land at the bottom.

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One Pakistani corporation, Dhanani Group, owns 170 Popeye Restaurants. We all know how much blacks love Popeye’s fried chicken and biscuits. Well, guess who’s taking advantage of our insatiable desires.

Asians are less than 6% of the U.S. population but have the highest median income ($68,636). Of course, blacks have the lowest ($33,321).

Asians are getting rich while blacks forfeit their dollars to them whilst complaining about racism and white supremacy. Who’s going to discuss Asian supremacy?

Remember the black woman who was assaulted by an Asian business owner? They don’t even respect you. Watch my video below to get my personal and comical take on that incident.


Beauty Health Risks

I’ve come across some disturbing information – some of which I was already privy to. In an analysis of ingredients in 1,177 beauty and personal care products marketed to Black women, about one in 12 was ranked highly hazardous on the scoring system of EWG’s Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database.

Fewer than one-fourth of the products marketed to Black women scored low in potentially hazardous ingredients, compared to about 40 percent of the items in Skin Deep® marketed to the general public.

It appears that black women are being purposely poisoned. Is there lack of care from the black community? Are we not demanding safer products? Do we not care about our safety? Is beauty more important than health? Surely, we cannot place blame elsewhere because we are not being forced to buy these products.

Potential hazards linked to product ingredients include cancer, hormone disruption, developmental and reproductive damage, allergies and other adverse health effects.

The beauty industry is cancer.

“Laboratory tests on some products commonly used by Black women, including hair and skin lotions, conditioners and creams, showed estrogenic or anti-estrogenic activity, meaning that they mimicked the effects of the hormone estrogen.”

“Black individuals who identify as LGBT are disproportionately young and disproportionately female: 58% of Black LGBT people are women.

The beauty industry is filled with estrogen and hormone disruptive chemicals and the rates of LGBT are the highest in black communities. Is there a link here? Is the beauty industry partly to blame for the high rates of LGBT? Are black women being targeted?

One study finds, “such exposure may have adverse health effects, especially when it occurs during developmental windows (e.g., prepubertally) when estrogen levels are low.”

The beauty industry is affecting women before they even hit puberty. Naturally, this is going to affect their sexuality. Is this conspiracy or coincidence? Is the skyrocketing rates of LGBT natural or artificial?

Harmful ingredients in black beauty products

The Bottom Line

In “the Art of War”, it states that you can weaken an army by cutting off the supply chain of their resources. In doing so, for example, you can starve them to death. Blacks are that army which is at great risk of being starved to death.

If blacks are to see any progress they need to take a deep look at their needs FIRST, then start controlling the production and distribution of those.

Foreigners see high profits in black communities and none of that, from my observation, is reinvested back into the black communities. The money is being siphoned from the black community and channeled to Pakistan, India, Asia, or wherever else these people come from.

Please do not misconstrue this as hate for other races or blame – this is not that. I fully expect people to take care of their own people and they should. What I am alluding to is one question. When are blacks going to start doing for self and take care of their own people?

I think it’s time for blacks to drop this term “POC” and focus on being BLACK FIRST.

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Why Blacks love Asian and Arab stores and not their own

Special thanks to our researchers Justice and Broly.

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Asians are the highest earners in America.
Kinda knocks the air out of the “America is a nation of white supremacy” argument.

Maybe not. Allow me to explain myself:

I’ve always had this pet theory of mine: ever notice how, when an immigrant group first shows up in America, that group is often maligned and stereotyped (just like African Americans)? Ever notice how, a few generations later, a sizable number of people in that very same group will suddenly seem to be just as prejudiced versus Blacks?

What I think is happening is that these groups, in pursuit of acceptance and “The American Dream” ™ look to the most visibly successful group as role models – yes, I’m talking about Whites. They aspire to that sort of success, so they take notes on everything they’re doing – right down to writing off Blacks as “undesireables” or somehow being of a lower caste than themselves. Nobody wants to be that low man on the totem pole so they learn not to associate themselves with the Blacks in that lower caste.

It seems (to me) as if Whites have been put forward as some sort of “standard of excellence” in a way, whether that title is deserved or not. And this serves their purposes well, as all the so-called “Mud People” (Blacks, Latinos, Asians – anyone with a bit of melanin in his skin) are so busy trying to one-up each other that it’s easy to divide and conquer most of the non-WASP groups.

I’m not saying that I’m right (for all I know I could be completely off base and full of ****) but I’ve always wondered if this isn’t what’s been going on the whole time…

@Jim Lee, that’s a reasonable hypothesis. The flaw however, is that Asians didn’t learn their disdain from white Americans: they brought it with them from their home countries. if anything, moving here may have moderated their attitudes. You don’t have to dig very deep to see how blacks (and Americans in general) are viewed in China, for instance. The Han are virulently racist by American standards and they aren’t shy about it either.

You write as if WASPs are winning and are running things. Whites lost a long time ago. Whites are sinking from the majority (90 percent when I was born) to a minority status in my lifetime. With a constant stream of vicious slander and open ridicule, Hollywood is ensuring whites will be a hated minority.

Every group in America openly practices nepotism. Chinese rent to Chinese at better rates than to whites and won’t rent to blacks at all. But when was the last time you saw a Chinese charged with housing discrimination? Jewish judges favor Jewish litigants in court. Koreans buy from other Koreans. Even on this site, you have a lot of exhortations to buy from black-owned businesses. All of that is just normal human nepotism. But for whites, it’s called racism. Only whites are not allowed to favor their own.

Regarding whites teaching others to hate blacks, you have no idea. When I was teaching English in China in the mid-90s, the schools there still taught that blacks were more closely related to monkeys than whites or Asians were.

At a nearby university in Beijing (人民大学), there was a disturbance involving African students dating Chinese co-eds, and the government sent buses to the university THAT NIGHT, rounded up all the African students, and put them on planes THAT NIGHT back to Africa.

At the university where I taught in 1996 (山西大学), the only other male American teacher was a black guy named Darrell from South Carolina. He’d been there with his wife (as secret missionaries) many years and spoke fluent Chinese. I used to play chess with him in their apartment in the foreign teachers’ building. One night I mentioned that I had decided to take a job at an expensive new private elementary school for party higher-ups and so on. Darrell said, what did you say the name of the school was? I told him. He said, that’s odd. I applied there two weeks ago and they said the position had been filled. I said, you’re kidding. Now, I’m of Scandinavian descent and from the upper Midwest, so I am white white. It was clear to both Darrell and me what had happened. So I decided not to take the job out of respect for Darrell. But I didn’t tell the school and they came looking for me to get me to take the job and begin moving into my new digs (it was a sweet job). I told them I wouldn’t take the job because they had turned down another American more qualified than I who had applied for the job before I did. His response was, but we want to hire a real American.

Someday, African-Americans may feel the same way about whites and Asians that Africans do.

It is true that grouping blacks in with all other POC groups somewhat undermines the black agenda in general since most blacks didn’t immigrate to America in the last 100-150 years or so and are pretty much as homegrown AMERICAN as whites (not forgetting natives). The problem in aligning with POC groups is they’re all different cultures. Even in close groups, maintaining different cultures within those groups will inevitably drive a wedge between them, especially in times of trouble. Color and culture are different things. Until there is, like there used to be, a single culture of Americans beyond race, there will be eternal conflict and the only people who benefit are the people at the top who encourage the conflict to get what they want. It’s fine to acknowledge and respect your heritage – it’s an entirely different thing when you try to recreate your culture and homeland in America.

I am of Italian ancestry and I can be ethnocentric as hell. If I go to a deli for some Genoa salami or ricotta pie, I want the person who owns the place to be a fellow Italo. And if the store is a money laundry for the remnants of the Mob, that’s okay too.