POC (Person of Color) is a destructive term for the black community


Last week I saw someone on Twitter of Asian descent referring to themselves as POC or Person of Color. I couldn’t help but laugh.

My initial reference is the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) which is allegedly for black or African-American people.

A black woman responded to my tweet and said everyone who is non-white is now considered POC. Again, I couldn’t help but laugh.

If everyone who is non-white is POC, why not just call them non-whites? And why is everything centered around “whiteness”? People complain about white supremacy but from my view, it looks like the term POC, which centers around “whiteness” affirms white superiority. It’s as if we’re saying, “Everyone versus the white man”.

If I were white I’d feel special and superior when others carry on like this.

To include Asians in this POC term is hilarious because, for example, racism is very open and very polite in Japan. You will run across the occasional night spot that has a “Japanese Only” sign written in English.

As African-Americans, we are taught that we are oppressed and face racism daily yet we jump at the opportunity to group ourselves with people who would never group us with them. This is one of our major weaknesses – we don’t understand the world we live in.

This term POC, which centers around “whiteness”, is another way to keep blacks in a crippling victimhood mindset. It’s the old “Us vs Them” tactic that keeps the population fighting amongst themselves while the oligarchy tugs on our strings.

Asians outearn African-Americans by a landslide but somehow we’ve been tricked into grouping ourselves with them.

One of my followers described this nonsense as, “a neo-Marxist tactical term designed to unite disparate groups of black, brown, Asian, Muslim, etc. people under one banner in opposition to Whites” and I can’t help but to agree.

The American Left has been adamant about installing socialism, which is Communism, and Communism is a Karl Marx ideology and design – which has produced little good for any country.

With this evidence, it is easy to see that the citizens on the Left are being manipulated by Communists in order to further divide the people in America.

Final Thoughts

When black people fought for fair treatment in America they were given Civil Rights, not “African-American rights” or something similar. Everyone except African-Americans has benefited from Civil Rights – and I would argue that Civil Rights destroyed the black community.

Black America has taken on this POC term which groups us with other cultures, races, and ethnicities which for the most part are much more well off here in America than the average Black American.

What we are seeing here is the Black American being pushed aside, used as fodder in a greater agenda, to advance everyone but themselves.

Is the NAACP now going to work for groups outside of Black America? If we are the most oppressed in America, why are we so quick to share our equity with others?

This is a slippery slope we are sliding down and if we don’t turn back soon, there will be no turning back in the future.


The author of this OpEd is Hotep Jesus aka Bryan Sharpe of the Hotep Nation movement.

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