Where is the political equality in America?


In 2017 America, there’s fuss for all kinds of equality. Black equality, LGBT, Gender, Islamic and whatever else the magician can pull out of his hat.

But there is no fuss for political equality.

So-called liberal politics run America. Speak conservative views and you will be ridiculed, quarantined, and exiled.

Left-wing politics put the ideals of the first amendment in a choke hold. Conservatives on Twitter can’t even show their faces which is why their twitter community has dogs, Pepe, and anime images for profile pictures. They fear to lose their jobs and relationships.

As the recent fire of James Damore at Google explains it: “…left bias has created a politically correct monoculture that maintains its hold by shaming dissenters into silence.”

He says monoculture, which means ‘one culture’. How is it that the team that’s allegedly for “diversity” is actually creating the environment for its opposite?

He also says, ‘shaming into silence’ – which I’ve personally experienced. It is actually that behavior that created what we call Hotep Nation.

When our views conflicted with the feminists’ or LGBT idea of black progress, we were lambasted.

The term they tried to use against us in a derogatory manner was ‘Hotep’. Just Google Hotep and you’ll see the left-wing blog syndicate execute an elaborate smear campaign against so-called Hoteps.

Shaming us into silence

I’ve been criticized by black people for my politics views exponentially greater than I have EVER been by whites for my skin color. It’s not even a competition.

And that’s why the diametrically opposed groups, Hotep Nation and Alt-White, can sit down at the table. We’ve both become outcasts or rebel groups in the eyes of our respective races.

There is no political equality in America. As a so-called black man, there is none in the black community either. That’s for sure. It’s either liberal politics or “coon” or “Uncle Tom” or “sell-out”.

Liberal blacks have more loyalty to Democrats than they do their own race. But that’s another story for another day.

black democrat voter loyalty graph

The blacks want to fight for inclusion. Inclusion into what though? Inclusion into the same system they say oppresses them? Why?

Hoteps say build your own system. But in the black community, you’re not allowed to say that. And they’ll quickly riddle off a million excuses as to why the white man won’t let them.

But if the white man won’t let you, then you have to give him credit for when you do succeed. Are you prepared to do that? Let Lauryn Hill explain.

They act like a defeated people. As if there is no hope. That’s probably why they can’t think straight. 🤔

The Evil Left

Politically I feel like I live under tyranny. And the bloodsucking politics are taking over everyone’s brains. They’ve become branches of the tyrannical system. My peers, my family, my race, EVERYONE.

They’re like human terminators programmed to attack anyone that opposes the system. On the outside, they oppose the system but internally they ARE the system.

It’s what you call ‘controlled opposition’.

If politics is to be fair, both sides of the coin need to be carefully examined, otherwise, you become monolithic and predictable – which makes you susceptible to a takeover.

Where is Thomas Sowell when we speak of black history or black leadership? The number of blacks that have never heard his name are innumerable.

I highly suggest EVERYONE, no matter the race or gender, to pick up “Black Rednecks and White Liberals”, NOW!. It provides deep insight on the agenda at play TODAY.

If we do not take an honest look at the suppression of conservatives views, America is headed for another civil war.

Why? Because liberals politics is divisive at its roots. The very term “diversity” means DIVIDE.

It is to divide by race, gender, religion etc. It is the antithesis of unity. In order to create unity, you have to look at everyone’s commonalities, not their differences.

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