Protests: Do They Work Or Are They Futile?


Nobody cares until it’s them.

When black people across America protested and demonstrated in the streets and on the internet, the conservative right had no sympathy.

When white people across America protested and demonstrated the COVID-19 economic shutdown, the liberal left had no sympathy.

But both of these groups blame the same enemy.

The State, or as some would call it, the government.

When one group has gripes with the government, the other group mocks.

And right in the middle of the two groups, you have the mainstream media gaslighting both sides.

Coupled with mainstream media you have a class of ‘wannabees’. Some call them ‘influencers’. I call them wannabees because they want to be in the mainstream media class. They do weird things to get there, which is a separate discussion for another day.

When an issue arises, like the pandemic, the wannabees wait for the politically correct opinion to be established and then they pounce with their redundant and sensationalized rhetoric, else they suffer the fate of Diamond & Silk (being fired from FOX).

In order to understand this fiasco, let me tell the shortest story ever.

A pair of neighbors, who never get along, capture a burglar. The two begin to argue and while they argue, the burglar slips away.

We’ve seen this story too many times, from cartoons to movies.

Well, it’s our reality every single day.

Jason Whitlock is currently under fire for his comments towards Lebron James. See below.

I actually agree with Jason Whitlock. LeBron is over-doing it with “we’re literally hunted every day” statement. But like I said before, the influencer class MUST sensationalize. We’ll talk about it tonight at 8 pm ET on Hoteps BEEN Told You.

But if you look at Twitter right now, you would think Whitlock pulled the trigger on Ahmaud Aubrey.

Again, ‘the burglar’ escapes.

When others protest and we do not agree, silence would be better than mocking. But even silence will backfire. For one day, you will need a voice to champion your cause and all will be mute.

Here’s what I believe the problem is. White people don’t care about black people and black people don’t care about white people, for obvious historical and psychological reasons.

We are NOT in a post-racial America. Racism merely has become more civil. It’s gone from, “I’ll kill you” to “I simply don’t care if one of my own kills you”.

We are a very tribal species.

When Bill Gates was playing vaccine-doctor in Africa (since 2001) no one cared. Close to twenty years have passed and wow that chicken has come home to roost with the COVID-19 event and people are wondering how Bill Gates is at the head of this.

The enemy that devours your neighbor’s village will grow larger and stronger before devouring YOURS!

Where is the humanity? Do you practice it? Or do you mock when people grieve their lost ones who were murdered? Do you stand by the word ‘justice’ or do you only use it as a prop to win political arguments?

Until there is universal sympathy, we all stay under the thumb of Uncle Sam.

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