Quit Entrepreneurship Right Now If You Can’t Do This!


“Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.” — Sir Francis Bacon

I love this quote. I live by it. It’s featured in “Dominate Twitter” for a reason.

When I consult startup founders & noobtreneurs they all begin with talks of their website. Everyone convinced us that websites are our mobile business card. 

Newsflash, it’s NOT! (Unpopular Opinion)

I knew this many years ago when I started consulting. Some guy was ripping me off. He ran around New York City closing business using my website. A disloyal associate.

So, I shut my website down (put him out of business). And I went back to what I learned in the mortgage business. Raw sales attitude!!! That “Wolf of Wall Street” bravado.

Back in my mortgage broker days; when I’d pitch a homeowner on a $500,000 refinance (worth $10k to me), over the phone raw dog cold-call style, and they asked me for my website, that was a deal I was losing.

It meant that I failed to built trust. Websites don’t build trust. They can help, but they can also become a crutch for an injured brand.

I was cold-calling strangers at 7pm and instructing them to hand over their social security number and bank statements via fax to a complete stranger. And they did it! 

Nobody can convince me that you NEED a website to build trust.

Anyway, deal after deal I was closing marketing clients with no website. In fact, when people asked me for a website I would laugh and reply arrogantly, “People still use those things?”

Why was I closing clients? Because I was building TRUST! ALL of my clients came from referrals. They still do to this day. They don’t send them my website. They give them my number and make email introductions.

People know me for marketing. And they know they can trust me — mostly because I naturally exhibit candor.

Who are you more likely to trust? A stranger or someone your friend introduced you to? That’s the power of referral business.

But what does all this have to do with writing? Email Marketing — That’s what. I was closing clients because I’m a beast with these words. I’m a beast with email. Communication builds trust. 

And that’s why I say, “Forget Websites!” What good is a website if you aren’t actively building a list? And what good is a list if you’re not communicating with them?

Women are weaker than men. I say that because of this:

I’ve worked with 3 different women for the past year on their brand. One just yesterday.

And they all talk that website crap. But when I tell them about email marketing they sound confused and pessimistic. Yet, they all have an email address and subscribe to emails from at least one brand. Make it make sense!
I instructed them to email their list daily. 

“Every day?”, they all whine — like I told them to run a marathon every morning something. 

Yes! Every day you lazy worrisome poop-head! It’s 15 minor minutes of your day. You don’t have 15 mintues to send some inspiration, advice, or kind words to your audience? 

One woman replies, “But nobody wants emails from me everyday!”

I wouldn’t want daily emails from you either if that’s the value you give yourself. Your attitude needs to be, “I’m going to make everyone love my daily emails. And if some don’t like, fine. Let them unsubscribe. It wasn’t meant to be.”

All of them complain like, “I can’t come up with content every day. There’s not much to talk about!” (Imagine a woman saying there isn’t much to TALK about — LMAO)

Over 70,000 thoughts run through our mind each day (or something like that). Are you telling me that you can’t write about ONE of those 70k thoughts? You’re lame. You should quit right now. You don’t have what it takes to be independent. Go work a job and be somebody’s bitch until you’re 60. Hopefully, you won’t need social security.

But toss all of what I said out the window for a moment.

2 of the 3 ladies say that their passion is writing. BUT THEY NEVER WRITE! One publishes on her blog once a week. The other, wrote one email and quit. 

But they call themselves writers. How can you call yourself a writer if you don’t write? Writing is an exercise. You wake up in the morning, drink your coffee, do your squats,  then you write. Some executives write a daily memo to their employees every morning before the crack of dawn. 

Are you telling me that you can’t roll your ass out of bed at noon and write one measly email?

Quit Right Now If You Can’t Do This!

You don’t care about your supporters or yourself! You’re selfish not only to others but to yourself as well.

If you’re one of those people with a can-do attitude but needs help, you know where to go.

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