Sevyn Streeter’s “We Matter” Sixers stunt was a bad idea


Last night Sevyn Streeter was hired to perform the national anthem at the Philadelphia 76ers games and she decided to wear a “We Matter” jersey for the performance. In doing so, the Sixers organization said she could not wear the attire during her performance. And I can’t blame them.


Along with Black Lives Matter and all of its nonsense ruckus, comes drama. The type of drama that could hurt a business, like we’ve seen with the NFL and its sharp decline in ratings.

I think it’s fair to assume that people watch sports for entertainment, and entertainment is escapism. It allows you to escape briefly from the drama of your life and things like politics. People don’t want politics mixed with sports. They just want their touchdowns and slam dunks.

“We Matter” hypocrisy

The so-called white man owns the teams and blacks are just players and spectators. Actually, they are mostly Jews but I can’t say that because then that would be anti-semitic, according to liberals. The Sixers owner is Joshua Harris, a Jew.

Now, if a Hotep mentions the Zionist Jewish power structure, it is, in fact, black liberals who will criticize and castigate their statements and defend the Jews. A Hotep would be called anti-semitic for calling them out. Now, as blacks take to Twitter to call out so-called “white people” for the Sixers’ decision, they will never dare to mentions the Jews, who in fact own these teams and the media outlets these teams are broadcasted on. Remember when Donald Sterling made those remarks about black men? Yeah, he’s a Jew too. But again, blacks failed to mention that part.

When equality is mentioned by black liberals, they group the Jews with blacks, yet it is the Jews who are taking a major part in suppressing the power of blacks. But that’s another story for another day. Let it be known that I have no problem with Jews but let’s call a spade a spade.


Blacks hold no equitable power in these sports organizations but the power they do hold they do not exercise. What is the power that blacks hold? Their buying and viewing power. Blacks love to buy team apparel and religiously watch their favorite teams and players, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But when you’re consistently shown that you don’t matter to “them”, at which point do you decide to not participate.

I don’t expect the athletes to walk out. They get paid VERY WELL. But if the black public is so offended, what are they going to do about it? Nothing, I presume. Nothing but tweet complaints and hashtags, per usual. Would they sanction (boycott) the NBA and hold them responsible? No. Black men can’t live without the NBA. They will continue to watch no matter how much the so-called white man degrades them. More proof that solidarity does not live well amongst blacks.

So, since you did nothing when the WNBA sanctioned the players that stood with Black Lives Matter, you did nothing. When Donald Sterling was caught on tape, you did NOTHING. When Josh Brown got a slap on the wrist for domestic violence but Ray Rice can’t get his job back, you did NOTHING. You continued to watch, tweet and support these organizations.

If I was the power structure and you let me get away with abusing you, why would I stop? And why would the so-called white man give you a platform to protest the system he built to keep you in control? We must start looking at these things objectively, to get a better handle on them.


Where are the sanctions (boycotts)? When the Caucasians of America didn’t like you kneeling at their national anthem ceremony, many stopped participating and boycotted. Why haven’t blacks decided to set sanctions against these leagues?

I know why. Becuase sports is one of the only things black men have to look forward to and that’s sad. Priorities in the black community are almost non-existent. Until boundaries for what is allowed are created, don’t expect much change. I don’t want to her your complaints of racism if you continue to do nothing about it. Put up or shut up!

Uncle Hotep weighs in on Sevyn Streeter We Matter

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