Has Social Media Become Worse than Slavery?


Your phone is a modern day slave master.

Social media is the new plantation. The chains used to put pressure on our bones – pinch our skin. Now we hold them close, cuddle and give them Eskimo kisses.

Slavery was a blatant disregard for human rights. Nothing clever about it, just a well-executed plan. How can one compare some phone apps to enslaving a race of humans? It’s all relative.

With the progress we have made compared to where we should be, it’s painful to witness.

The foundation of the metaphysical world we live in is a complete matrix. It’s a war on the subconscious. The faster information can spread, the more responsibility must come with it. That includes the sources as well as the reader.

Society has been condensed to baiting headlines with empty articles. Readers’ attention spans have dwindled down to mere seconds while any signs of emotional control have all but disappeared.

This combination is leading us to slaughter.

The similarities between slavery and the effects of social media are painfully close. Overseers control the path of thoughts that help shape and mold your reality. Retweets and re-posting have become just as powerful as replacing African spirituality with the whitewashed Christianity.

Who needs to fact check when 71k people liked a post from some insecure mutant?

Slaves witnessed trauma every single day. You become numb then it becomes normal.

Social media has circulated violent videos for years now. Black people being squeezed out by police traumatized a whole generation. Lest we do not forget the other side where black people are the ones doing the killing or beating each other’s weaves out in educational facilities. We enjoy those.

A different form of trauma. Finding a comfort and an overall pleasure in our own demise. If you can be petty to a fault, it puts you at the top of the social food chain. Voluntary destruction of potential.

The past saw a direct attempt to keep the mind and spirit subdued. Prevent any attempt at revolt. The new trick is the same with one extra twist: physical freedom with the appearance of mental freedom.

All the while, every modern movement towards justice and liberation is exactly a part of the plan. Keep everyone sad and complaining while neglecting our communities where real work can be done by anyone, any day.

The solution has, does, and always will start with self.

We have our freedom, yet neglect our freedoms.

Nobody has been more divided throughout American history than some good ol’ Jordan Retro 2 wearing black folk. Divide by color, class, and gender. Today we see the same but the division is surprisingly self-sufficient. They lit the dynamite decades ago and explosions are still going off in our communities as we fight amongst each other.

Social media has men and women hating each other with a passion. Gays have gained more rights and protection than black people in general and fail to use those powers for the community.

But we cant see the jig because we value our individual selves more than the collective group as a whole. There is more danger in the differences. We choose this torture.

We could be using social media as the massive tool that it is. Instead, we let it be a weapon formed against us.

Physical slavery always had an end date – it couldn’t last forever. They found a way to hide it. They found a way to include everyone. Almost everyone.

The majority of sadness, outrage, anger and any feelings of any inferiority that come from anywhere on television or social media are all part of the script. There’s no right to be angry anymore, only a choice to build on ancestors past sacrifice or don’t.

More importantly, you have earned the right to reconnect with who you are inside and attack issues with your natural thought. Logic and tactical. Not emotional and looking for blame.

What is the worst situation? A plantation that keeps you there with heavy security or the one you choose to stay on because the wifi is strong and the hot Cheetos flow like the Nile?

Many races have been slaves throughout history. If you look close enough, some overcame it and control every move the black community makes like we are pawns on a chessboard.

If you made it past the headline without being triggered, congrats.

This person is smart. People are stupid. Don’t be one of the people.

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“Retweets and re-posting have become just as powerful as replacing African spirituality with the whitewashed Christianity.”

You know that the first Christian country on earth was Ethiopia right?

Christianity was not folkish and organic wherever it took root. It was a transplanted philosophy from Middle Eastern origins, rising from a people that rejected it, and often imposed on each successive nation by the sword. As such, it was a tremendous weapon in the destruction of indigenous spirituality wherever it spread.

And I would like to add this quote from Julius Evola, from his masterwork REVOLT AGAINST THE MODERN WORLD:
“This present “civilization,” starting from Western hotbeds, has extended the contagion to every land that was still healthy and has brought to all strata of society and all races the following “gifts:” restlessness, dissatisfaction, resentment, the need to go further and faster, and the inability to possess one’s life in simplicity, independence, and balance. Modem civilization has pushed man onward; it has generated in him the need for an increasingly greater number of things; it has made him more and more insufficient to himself and powerless. Thus, every new invention and technological discovery, rather than a conquest, really represents a defeat and a new whiplash in an ever faster race blindly taking place within a system of conditionings that are increasingly serious and irreversible and that for the most part go unnoticed. This is how the various paths converge: technological civilization, the dominant role of the economy, and the civilization of production and consumption all complement the exaltation of becoming and progress; in other words, they contribute to the manifestation of the “demonic” element in the modem world.”

The black community was torn from its ancestral roots, and all traditions were lost. These traditions were a guiding compass showing true north, time-tested and organic. Some white people argue that African Americans enjoy a higher standard of living than Africans in Africa, but this has brought only meaningless technological amusements and materialistic improvement. But when the soul of a people has been rendered rootless and disjointed from it’s past, what meaning can be found in sneakers and narcissistic trinkets?

As a European Canadian, though my ancestors came willingly, they were fleeing two world wars, were illiterate, in extreme poverty, suffered language barriers, could only do gruelling menial labour, and were likewise severed from their ancestral traditions for the promise of mercantile paradise. White people have been slaves too in our past, both economic slaves and literal slaves. We also suffer from the same lack of identity, ignorance of tradition, self-hate, loathing for our history, and rootlessness. And the prescription for renewal is the same: return to our origins, reconnect to what has been lost, and rediscover the sacred science that was supplanted by the profane in our modern squirrel-trap culture.

Prolific statement here:
“this has brought only meaningless technological amusements and materialistic improvement”

A great read. Always love the articles here. I’ve recently deactivated every single account of social media due to, personally, me not having the will to use it as a weapon. On your comment to African spirituality being whitewashed by Christianity, are there any sources you’re able to provide that goes into how it was done and what effects it has on a black mind? Thanks HJ.