Take a Knee: What does it mean for Black America?


“Take a knee” is supposed to raise awareness. Okay, I get it. But how much awareness does one need? And who are we raising awareness among? Ourselves? Aren’t blacks fully aware of the alleged struggle they face in America? Don’t we rehash the events of struggle EVERY single February? I’m sure we’re aware by now. 😂

And if blacks are trying to make white people aware, aren’t these the same white people that allegedly oppress us? So, if they oppress blacks, have put them into slavery and taken over their land, then aren’t they already aware?

And after making them aware, do you really think they’re going to give up what their ancestors fought for?

They rewrote history, claimed genetic superiority via the IQ test, created a mass expansion of Christianity through force and coercion and you expect them to just hand over the fruits of their labor?

Y’all must be insane. If I was white, I wouldn’t

I’d say “you black people outnumber us, are physically superior (as demonstrated in sports) and had a headstart on civilization. I’m sure you’re fully capable of finding a way to survive without the help of white people.”

Trump opposes the Knee

I find it rather funny that the only thing that pushed this symbology into mainstream media were the comments by Trump. The 45th president made one comment and the entire country fell to their knees. Now, THAT’s POWER!

Are his comments warranted? In my objective opinion, yes.

The U.S. military pays the NFL something like $10 million to hold this national anthem ceremony. The NFL didn’t include this organically because they care about America. They included it because they got PAID!

If Donald’s military is paying another entity to be honored and that entity’s employees disrupt and assuage the meaning behind this ceremony, I believe he has every right to defend the military. I mean, he is Commander in Chief. He’s not the Granddaddy of black people. 😂

X-Files Take a Knee

X-Files stars, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny were amongst many who took part in the “Take A Knee” ice bucket challenge.

But where were these people last year when Colin Kaepernick was damn near alone? It seems as if this thing has become more about opposing Trump than it is police brutality.

The symbology has lost its message. But that’s what happens when you expect symbology and gestures to carry a message. They can be easily hijacked and turned into pop culture or a publicity stunt to boost ratings for a show or sales for a product.

Sports Illustrated Take a Knee Cover

Sports Illustrated couldn’t pass up the promotional opportunity as they issued their latest cover. How funny is it that the cover doesn’t even feature Colin Kaepernick? The guy that started it all. Now, THAT’s hilarious!

What’s after you “Take a Knee”?

People keep saying “We have to raise awareness!” Okay, fine. But what’s the step AFTER awareness? We’ve been raising awareness since before Martin Luther King Jr. was a little boy. It’s been almost 100 years that we’ve been in the awareness phase. What comes next?

The truth is NOTHING!

The racial pimps won’t allow the black community to go into the next phase because that will dry up their stream of cash financed by black tears looking for a preacher to feed them beautiful lies. “We will win”, they say. How Sway? HOW!?

The in-thing to do now is to be magnificently articulate about the struggle, put a Cash App link in your bio and go on tour giving empty speeches full of white blame and no accountability.

Cash App is the new tithes.

And why are you asking white people for help? I know why. It’s because subconsciously you don’t think you’re capable. You think you can’t do it. You believe in your own inferiority. You are the legs white supremacy stands on!

Final Thoughts

If you think the NFL is racist, turn off the TV. But you can’t. You love that foolsball. You want the players to take a knee but you can’t. That’s the epitome of hypocrisy and bigotry.

But, now that NFL owners have sided with the players, to keep that black support, a clean image and money rolling in, I guess we can’t pull the race card anymore, huh? Clever!

But if they cared so much, why haven’t any of them given Kaepernick a job yet?

When you get on a knee, you’re either honoring something/someone or you’re defeated. The latter is definitely the case for blacks. I see a defeated people.

I blame the racial pimps for this – for they are the ones feeding blacks a consistent negative image of their plight with no plan of action. They steer black hearts into the dark and shade them from the light.

What’s going to happen after the “Take a Knee” fad fades to black? Nothing, except for another symbolical gesture which will churn out the same tired lackluster results.

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It’s much easier to complain about a problem than it is to fix it.

Looking at yourself in the mirror is the hard part. If blacks looked in the mirror they’d see a dirty face that needs washing. But because they never face themselves they keep walking through life with the same blood stained lips. Then wonder why every other culture avoids them like the homeless.

They’re looking at you just like you would look at someone who had dirt on their face for days. You’d say, “why don’t you do something with yourself? You look a mess!”

Black people, we look a mess and no one can fix our problems but us. Nobody is going to pick us up but us.

And if someone does help us, you better believe that favor comes with debt.

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Video/column is on point, as usual. “Take a knee and marry these women” was stone-cold sparks! Preach it! Hoteps renewing my faith in humanity. Respect yourself, respect your community, respect others and then we’ll find equality.

“Shines” don’t want equality, they want revenge. That’s why this narrative will never end until a civil war breaks out.
(((They))) have worked their asses off trying to divide the two groups by trying to derail their movements. (((BLM))) for hoteps, and the (((Alt-Right))) for WN. Problem for them is both groups have seen right through this garbage.
Unity will come but it won’t happen overnight. I wish I could meet more hoteps irl but unfortunately I’m surrounded by nogs at every corner.


White male here … I always love the unique opinions I read here. HotepNation.com is definitely a free-thinking website that doesn’t just rehash the same old ideas.

I am a white, Jewish lady.
I just wanted to tell you that I love, love, love your thoughts, writing, posts, blog…the whole shebang! I learn SO much from you. You are incredibly smart. Someday, you will be something really huge in this world…mark my words. Thank you for sharing and teaching—You’re an erudite, my friend.
Much love and respect.