Black Conservative Accused of Racism Against Sarah Jeong


Terrence K. Williams comes under fire for some remarks he made during a recent FOX news segment.

Last week, Sarah Jeong came under fire for her racist remarks before being hired by NY Times.

Terrance jokes, “There is something wrong with them fortune cookies that Ling Ling’s eating…”

The Left Wing media has spun this story as racism.

Make Comedy Great Again!

Can we please leave political correctness out of comedy.

At this rate, we’re going to kill an already dying art.

Terrence wasn’t wrong – he’s a comedian.

It’s his job to make jokes.

He’s made jokes about black people too. He’s an equal opportunity comedian.

Give the guy a break.

Besides – the Left says black people can’t be racist because in order to be racist you need to have the power to oppress.

So, if they pull the racist card, it’ll backfire in the long-term.

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