The importance of letting Nate Parker live


Written by MG

The internet has been on fire lately with the emotionally charged up energy headed directly at Nate Parker.

Nate Parker is a 36 year old director, producer, writer, actor, and musical performer. His new film, The Birth of a Nation, set to release this Autumn is making headlines across the nation, all for the wrong reasons. The internet, and more importantly, black people everywhere are falling slave yet again to their out of control emotions.

Is the man a rapist? There is a story that says yes, also a story that says no. Usually the truth is somewhere in the middle. What everyone seems to be forgetting, as usual, is how can we help the alleged victim, and what can we all do to prevent future occurrences? This situation is tough because the victim has already taken her own life.

Creating a witch hunt for an accused attacker solves nothing. “Bringing awareness” to a situation is a lazy excuse to slander someone’s name while never taking the responsibility to construct any tangible efforts to help future victims. A population of people simply “aware” of a situation and hitting the “send” button to bash an individual on social network contributes absolutely nothing to society. If you want to boycott his film, understandable. Just make sure your moral compass checks out ALL media you take in as well. Check the directors and actors of the films you plan to see or musicians you listen to. The amount of guilty pleas you find will leave you quite bored. Nate Parker’s case was dropped. Found neither innocent, nor guilty.

Our alleged victim in this case is deceased. So I go back to Janay Rice as an example. The current wife of ex NFL star Ray Rice. Was she a victim? Absolutely. Did the media and social justice warrior brigade do her any justice? Absolutely not. She went on record numerous occasions pleading to be left alone and to allow her family to handle the situation in privacy. Publicly shaming Ray Rice for months to the point where he is the ONLY domestic abuse case player that can not get a job, only hurts the situation and Janay in the process.

Support these victims. Start funds for the ones who can not help themselves. If they ask for privacy, the simplest thing to do is to mind your own business. Someone who has been through something traumatic wants to get over the situation as efficiently as possible. They want to heal, they want to find balance, and resume living a normal life in the pursuit of happiness that everyone deserves. Dragging the accused and putting exuberant amounts of energy into destroying their lives contributes nothing positive. Supporting and uplifting victims creates a positive avenue to move forward, as well as a better environment for future victims to truly find the voice they need to come forward in tough situations.

One of the most important things overlooked in the mad rush to throw our own trashy emotions at people accused of these type of crimes is the risk of losing future advocates. Good people who make bad mistakes quite often join the movement to fight against the very crime they were found guilty of. Since Michael Vick went away for dog fighting, he has done more work campaigning for animal rights than all of the people complaining about his life put together. We must allow and encourage rehabilitation in our society. It is an extremely necessary part of prevention. Who better to speak up on issues than individuals who have experienced them personally, regardless of what side they were on. Positive, real life help is something we must nurture.

This is in no way shape or form excusing any actions of any human accused of committing an awful crime against another, but if that is all you are concerned about then you are excusing it with some whining thrown on top. Allow the process of a situation to play out properly from start to finish. All parties should be allowed due process, and the chance to grow, learn, heal and teach their surroundings of said experiences. Our feeble attempts to hold court on the internet against Nate Parker about something that happened in 1999 just further proves our complete willingness to dance like puppets when the strings are pulled.

The key to justice is about uplifting the victims of crimes and nurturing the path to future prevention to see less of our brothers and sisters lose life or soul. When the majority of our energy is used for negativity, dragging or slandering, we are letting our children down, as well as any chance to live in a world where shocking crimes are actually shocking instead of the norm. Lets all set a better example and create a culture that brings people together to have a balanced mental health between all men and women, and gives victims as well as the accused a better environment to heal and rehabilitate.

Let’s act like we grown.

Check out this video on Nate Parker by Hotep Nation’s own, Uncle Hotep

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