Trump: The Greatest Leader for Black America in Decades


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The truth is so-called “black leaders” have failed Black America for decades.

Without consequence, and without an alternative Black America has been held hostage to a political class which supposedly represents their interests in government and civil society. But the harsh reality is they are all out for number one and that ain’t you.

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For example, Congresswoman Maxine Waters the African American Democrat representative of California’s 43rd district has spent nearly 28 years in political office as a representative in various other districts in California (29th and 35th districts respectfully).

In that time the well-being of every person in her district has objectively decreased by any and every standard or metric. Is the poverty in Rep. Maxine Waters’ district Trump’s fault?

But not to worry Maxine Waters has a net worth in excess of 4 million dollars and she owns multiple million-dollar mansions outside of her own district – she’ll be just fine.

It’s her constituents who will continue to suffer. Not bad for a woman who spent more than a third of her life in “public service”.

Another example of this poverty of capable black leaders in Congress can be seen in US House Democrat representative for the state of Georgia’s 4th district, Hank Johnson.

Hank hasn’t used his position to enrich himself personally but nevertheless deserves inclusion because of his total incompetence.

In a congressional hearing addressing US Adm. Robert Willard, head of the U.S. Pacific fleet, he stated that “My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize”.

With leaders such as Hank Johnson, solving the problems that face the African American community become an impossible task if people think our leaders are idiots.

john conyers

Let’s look at African American Congressmen John Conyers, Democrat representative of Michigan’s 13th district.

He was elected to represent the interests of his constituents but abused his power and position by sexually harassing his female staffers. 

This sort of behavior is damaging to his wife who placed her trust in his marriage vows but more importantly for the voters who placed him in office believing that his chief concern would be defending their interests while in office.

But we all know the corruption of America’s DEEP STATE because the second he engaged in this criminal behavior, his ability to faithfully represent the interests of his constituency was fatally compromised.

With corrupt and blackmailed politicians like John Conyers is it any surprise progress hasn’t been made on the issues most important to African Americans?

Kamala Harris

Then we have Democrat Senator Kamala Harris from the state of California.

Before she became a Senator, she had an interesting career, first as an Attorney for Orange County District Attorney’s Office, later as San Francisco D.A. and finally as the Attorney General for the state of California.

You may be forgiven for believing this career path may have instilled in Mrs. Harris a love of justice and the rule of law but sadly it did not. Her record instead reflects a woman far more interested in securing criminal convictions to further her political ambitions than they do an officer of the court seeking justice.

She would even go as far as omitting facts which would have lost her cases but served the interests of justice. Kamala Harris Went to Bat for Dirty Prosecutors as California Attorney General. With self-seeking Senators like Kamala Harris representing us, should it come as a surprise that we can’t get justice or peace?

Taken as a whole, a consistent and undeniable pattern begins to emerge from the day to day failures of America’s so-called black leaders.

The “progressive” democratic politics of the left has consistently failed to attract the type of strong-willed, family-oriented leaders who could begin addressing the issues that affect the black community, such as high poverty and the crime that inevitably follows.

A progressive agenda has been leading the black community. One which is far more concerned with the wellbeing of teachers’ unions and the reliable votes and campaign donations they provide than the students who have no-one to advocate for their interests.

The black leaders of the democratic party have failed to deliver results for decades. Perhaps in these stormy waters, we need a new kind of leader for the African American community.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the greatest leader black America has had in decades turns out to be a white Billionaire from Queens?

To paraphrase President Trump, “what the heck do we have to lose?” By the looks of the economy and the black unemployment rate, NOTHING, but we have everything to gain.


The author of this post is Mouktar Albert, Ethiopian American Economics Undergraduate UofM Follow him on Twitter @MouktarAlbert

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