Trump’s Inauguration Day response from the left wing and blacks is deplorable


First, I’d like to say that I’m embarrassed as a black man in America to be associated with this race in this time. I think it is pretty obvious that we are being led by children, women and gay men.

If you’re a left winger, you’re probably already triggered by the second sentence of this essay. And that’s my entire point – you’re being led by emotions, which override logic.

In response to Trump’s rise to power, the left wing’s actions and reactions have been nothing short of DEPLORABLE. Their actions are akin to a spoiled child who couldn’t get their way.

Their beloved Hillary Clinton lost the election and since then she hasn’t had any hot sauce in her bag, there’s no Whip and Nae Nae’ing, and her R&B diva affiliations are out of formation. Basically, she dropped black people as soon as they were no longer useful. Where is she now?

Dear black people…

I’ve watched you, since Mike Brown’s murder, cry about the oppression of white supremacy. Now, I have to watch you fight over which white person will govern your existence in a so-called White Supremacist America? Subconsciously, you’re reinforcing white supremacy.

It’s like watching a woman on “Maury” fight over which baby daddy will take care of, or claim her kids.

I’ve watched you complain about lack of diversity in government, then in the same breath, castigate Donald Trump for meeting with blacks. Not just any blacks – our ELITE. Kanye West, Jim Brown, Chrisette Michele, and Steve Harvey. I had to watch you drag Martin Luther King Jr. III on his father’s holiday – of all days. How low have we come?

Martin Luther King Jr. with the Rothschild

Above is a photo of Martin Luther King Jr. partying with the Rothschild Family. Was that cooning then? Is it cooning now? Or do you lack tact and a sense of history?

Going back to my earlier point about being led by women, children and gay males; The civil rights movement was led by the gay activist Bayard Rustin – which turned out to be almost a complete failure in hindsight.

Now, we are traveling down the same road again. A movement led by estrogen. This is why we look so weak. Predators always prey on the weak.

Speaking of gay males – check this tweet out, from a prominent black so-called activist. “I’m in Union Station and I just watched this young woman open her invitation to an inauguration ball. It’s a wild world.”Deray Mckesson

An invitation to an inaugural ball is evidence of a wild world? This is FEAR-BASED victim mentality and it’s a virus with an attitude set to destroy the black psyche. We are so fearful that we feel threatened by a piece of paper for some party?

This wasn’t an invitation to join ISIL forces or a gay party outside of a politician’s home – which is ABSOLUTELY wild. It’s an invitation to a party for the same government to whom you pay taxes. If you don’t like it, move out of the country.

You’ve been pushing for refugees to have asylum in America but if America is so bad, why is everyone fighting to come here? Trump wants to build a wall because people are FORCING their way in. And you want out? THAT’s DEPLORABLE! And you’re scared of a piece of paper? 🙄

You’ve become so wrapped up in your emotions that you won’t even work with the government that governs you. Allow me to inform you that this path will indefinitely lead to a path of oppression. A people with no voice in government will become an oppressed people. FACT!

Conditions are given to you without your choice when you are born. “You are NOT a product of your circumstances, you are a product of your decisions.” – Stephen R.Covey
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This beast you call white supremacy must be tackled from all angles. Hours will be spent protesting an Inauguration but will those same hours be matched with work in the inner city? Hell no it won’t! If it were, we wouldn’t have to call it the ghetto and we wouldn’t be complaining about Trump.

“Only a people full of insecurities fear others.”
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Someone once asked me “whose responsibility is it to repair the state of our communities if not the government?” And my response was “OURS!” Why would you expect your so-called oppressor to clean up your home if their motive is to oppress you? That’s counter-productive.

We are supposed to be a people of pride. Distinguished. Upper echelon. Black girl magic. Black Power. Melanin Magic. Is that how a people of great stature carry themselves? Where is the dignity?

We’re acting like that star player that just lost a big game but refuses to shake the other team’s hand. Where is the honor?

Malcolm X quote about liberals

Black people, shake Trump’s and his supporters’ hands, look them in the eyes and say congratulations. It will make you better and stronger – I promise. “Until you can accept defeat, you’ll never be able to fight your next battle.”
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“Hours will be spent protesting an Inauguration but will those same hours be matched with work in the inner city? Hell no it won’t! If it were, we wouldn’t have to call it the ghetto and we wouldn’t be complaining about Trump. ”


the black community especially are being led by sell outs
and if you check most of them are hetro
hotep 😉

Excellent article! Very well written, with many intelligent points!
You are an erudite!
Keep writing!