An untitled poem


Surrounded by love, hate you from the deepest core

Memories from the future, a trail of blood follows me

The misery, the bed holds so close, wrapped tight in history

My gold chain hang, my whole clique bang

Softest touch in a breeze to a closed eye, framed

Disperse every part of my soul

Freeze bones till the trade winds blow

Buzz me in for the sold green rose

The thickest of stress still blows thru the smoke

The kingdoms all fell n the rings stayed gold

Will my goddess spare her hand to be sealed almost naked

The lips swear protection forever to her throne

Let them burn till the broadcast cuts

Now we chase our tails like young pit pups

Swallowing mirrors and copying duplicates

Call on the voodoo from scholars and campuses

Undress my thoughts till they cant stand advantages

Look straight down the barrel these niggas too real

Broken hearts rest on the autumn leaves of steel

Left all the casings, built some amusement

Now our kids play in the spots we made music

Bury what we know, clouds meditate to castles

Now please tell your sergeant we broke off the shackles

Dizzying defenses and sleeping while standing

Bless divine power our Queens are outstanding

Murder one to a poem, the peace in burning alive

The trick is survival, stop trying to survive

Underworld creators

We fill your plates

Don’t worry we’re coming

-Knock knock

Too late.

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