Black men and women are in a state of civil war.

All over TV and the internet, we see black women complaining about the state of black men. With the emergence of the red-pill movements and manosphere, black men are starting to compare notes about women too.

This has created a state of affairs where both sides are continually complaining about how they cannot find quality partners.

What is really going on here? Let’s examine both genders for a moment.

The Women

Many black men argue that the cultural problems of the women in our community are far worse than what men of other races face. Whether or not the problems of black women are unique or of a greater severity than those of other women, the fact remains that as black men, these are our problems.

We have to prioritize the men and women of our racial community because no one else will. The easiest way to understand this is to examine the priorities of our so-called allies – white liberals.

For decades blacks have been at the forefront of white liberal social engineering. When the sexual revolution came along in the 1960’s, it was the black community that most rapidly abandoned its religious traditions and adopted “free love.”

When recreational drug use became hip in the 60’s and 70’s, it was blacks that took over the drug trade. When the “War on Welfare” began under Lyndon Johnson it was blacks that hopped to the front of the welfare line.

And when the Feminists came along and told women that men are at best unnecessary and at worst oppressors, it was black women that took it most seriously.

When it came to white liberal social ideology black women ate it all up. They are the most college-educated demographic in America. They earn more degrees and enjoy a higher income than their black male peers.

When Jewish and white liberal feminist women told them that they don’t need a man and they can enjoy freewheeling promiscuity without consequences, our black mothers and sisters listened. And what has been the result of all of those degrees and all that money they earned?

Black women hold the greatest portion of student loan debt of any demographic. Hundreds of thousands of them struggle to pay their bills because student loan debt cannot be erased by bankruptcy.

Black women have the highest rates of abortion, highest rates of STD’s, highest rates of obesity, fastest growing rates of HIV infections, and the highest rate of poverty among all other groups of women. 75% of their babies are born out of wedlock and only 1 out of 4 black women will ever get married.

Feminism has left black women poor, single, overweight, and indebted, raising their children without husbands while riddled with STD’s and relying on abortion for birth control. Black women, who once had higher rates of marriage than white women, are now seen as the least desirable and least attractive of all racial groups of women.

Feminism has cultivated an attitude of entitlement, disrespect, and bitchiness, culminating in the historically new stereotype of the unfeminine angry black woman. The result of this attitude is that for all of these problems black women suffer, they themselves place the blame squarely on the feet of black men.

Consider this: What if they are right?

The Men

Are men and women equally accountable?

In the state of nature, the answer is no. Men are bigger, stronger, faster, and better at both aggression and the sort of spatial intelligence that aids survival. Men as a class have a natural physical authority over women.

Evolving in this atmosphere for millions of years has given us certain psychological instincts. One is that we assume men are more responsible than women. When we see a poor homeless family on the street, we don’t look harshly at the mother.

No, it is the father we blame – why isn’t he out there working to put a roof over their heads? This assumption of greater male responsibility is also triggered by dangerous situations like natural disasters or war.

Women’s rights, women voting, feminism – these things are only possible because men allow them. Look at Patriarchal societies in Africa, Asia, South America, the Middle East. Look at Saudi Arabia. They recently decided to let women drive. It was not because women fought some guerilla war against their male oppressors.

It was solely at the pleasure of the men in power. Should it please them in the future, they could take that right away again, and force their women to be chained to their stoves.

It is the uncomfortable truth of our species: Without the fragile artifices of civilization, women are property.

As black men, we have to start with this understanding when we think about the state of gender relations in our community. We cannot sit back and expect women to change. MGTOW is not going to save us.

The degenerate and debased state of our women is the direct result of our own degeneracy and debasement. Too many black men are dying young or rotting in jail. Too many are making babies and ducking their responsibilities.

Too many are dropping out of high school, joining gangs, getting addicted to drugs, and generally not making anything of themselves. As men we have to look in the mirror and recognize that for every dysfunctional black woman out there, there is a dysfunctional black man that’s part of the equation.

Both black men and women need to stop pointing the finger at each other. Both sides need to focus on reforming themselves, but especially the men because where men lead women follow. Women know they can’t fix society without men.

This is why the Feminist movement simultaneously blames men for all of the world’s problems while also demanding men fix everything. Women intuitively understand that the core work of building and maintaining society is man’s responsibility.

What they need to be reminded of is what their unique responsibility is as women.

The Answer

So what are we to do about all this? Let me get specific for both genders.

To black men, I would say this: Take a page from Jordan Peterson and sort yourself out. If your life is a mess then you do not need to worry about finding a quality woman. Take a few years. Take all the time you need.

To those men who already have kids, the best thing you could do is find a way to work things out with your baby momma so that the kids can have a father in their lives. Nothing is more important for our community than ending the cycle of fatherlessness.

Do not be part of the problem. And furthermore, do not contribute to the epidemic of STD’s, abortion, and promiscuity. These things are destructive to any community.

I am sympathetic to those black men who say they don’t want to have to, “clean up the mess,” of some woman’s life. The most dysfunctional of those women have to make do with the welfare state.

To those black men that have made something of themselves and haven’t contributed more bastards to our community, I would say go ahead and avoid single mothers. Have standards about the women you associate with.

When it’s time to find wifey, vet her honesty, kindness, domestic skills, and relationship history. You have earned the right to be picky.

To black women I can be much more brief in terms of advice: Do not have sex with any man who is not your lawfully wedded husband. Virtually every problem with our community would be solved overnight if black women held to this standard. When a good man comes into your life, keep those legs closed until he puts a ring on it.

We need to bring back the social standards that allowed our families to hold together even under the oppression of Jim Crow and the horrors of slavery. It was the leadership and accountability of our men that pulled us through as well as the loyalty and grace of our women. That potential still remains within our community and is exemplified by the best of us today.

In short, I am calling for a rediscovery of Patriarchy. By this, I don’t mean Sharia law and putting women in beekeeper suits. Rather I mean a reawakening of masculine leadership and valuing of femininity. It means making family, community, and the well-being of children our top priority. It means abandoning decadent materialism (career-focus among women) and promiscuity (the player lifestyle among men).

It will not be easy, but it is far better than the path we are on: Another lost generation of materialistic, fatherless, dependent young black people blaming the white man for everything while other races continue to surpass us.

It starts with each of us as individuals deciding what sort of future we want for our people. It starts with remembering the importance of family and what it means to be a man or a woman. Let us learn from those communities that are thriving today and steel ourselves for the hard work that lies ahead.

About the Author: The Renegade of Funk is a Jamaican-American software consultant and entrepreneur based in Tokyo. He is an accomplished writer, teacher, and a member of Mensa, an international organization for high IQ men and women. To hear more from him check out his YouTube channel and blog.

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