What does Hotep mean?


What does Hotep mean?

There are many misconceptions that are associated with the Hotep movement. Through this article, I will explain and clarify what it means to be “Hotep” as well as debunk and breakdown the various misconceptions associated with the movement. Let’s begin with the meaning of the word Hotep. The actual term Hotep is thousands of years old and can be derived from Ancient Africa more specifically Ancient Kemet (Egypt). “Hotep” has several meanings but mainly it means, “Peace”. Here is a lot further in depth detailed explanation.

To me, being Hotep means Self-Accountability, not a being victim, not having an oppressed mindset, healthy living, black economics, financial responsibility, and maintaining the black nuclear family. These are key elements that are the core of the Hotep movement.

With the accessibility of social media and activism; various social justice groups, organizations, movements and “ism’s” have appeared. Each group has a personal agenda, ideology and different methods and ways of achieving their agenda. At times when these groups’ ideologies contrast with Hoteps, tension is spawned. At times these groups have an entitled & arrogant mindset. “If you don’t support or agree with my view/opinion then you’re anti my view/opinion”. However, this not the case and untrue. Unfortunately, people start to create these misconceptions if you don’t necessarily agree or support their views.

Subsequently, many misconceptions about Hoteps have been generated. For example, people say Hoteps are misogynist, homophobic, hate black women, or only care about hyper-masculinity. These misconceptions are absolutely and simply false. It’s very unfair judgmental and hypocritical that people will generalize and put everybody in a “box” just because we have a differing view of your agenda.

One of the biggest misconceptions, that “grind my gears”, is Hoteps hate black women. This is absurd, ridiculous, false and blasphemy. For starters, some of the most influential people of the Hotep movement are black women (s/o Char). Black women are the strongest and most educated group on this planet. They are the backbone of the community, the, family and creators of life.

One of the main core of aspects of Hotep is maintaining the black nuclear family. Mother, Father, and Child. Our queens are essential! We must support them and each other if true social progress is to occur. The next misconception is that Hoteps are homophobic. I believe all members of the LGBT community deserve equal rights and opportunity just like any other citizen. Denial of opportunity based on sexual orientation is wrong and should be condemned.

These misconceptions have been generated by social justice groups with differing agendas. These include the modern feminist movement and LGBT group, known as Black Lives Matter. I’m not attacking or blaming these groups, however, they especially have contrasting ideologies to Hoteps. One of the most conflicting contrasts is maintaining and strengthening the black nuclear family (mother, father, and child).

Unfortunately, these groups do not focus on maintaining the nuclear family. These groups actually specially focus on dismantling the nuclear family. Because of these differing ideologies, Hoteps do not necessarily support these groups, however, that does not mean we’re anti these groups either. Obviously there are many people who are anti and are (homophobic, sexist, misogynist). Unfortunately, these groups cannot separate between not supporting and being anti and assume anybody who does not support their movement is anti their movement. When this large generalization occurs, Hotep starts being used as a derogatory term, which is unfair and unjust.

We do not live in a utopian society. Everything is not perfect; people are going to have differing views and opinions as you at times. We can’t play the victim every time something bad happens or someone has a differing view and opinion from yours. These groups seem to play the oppression Olympics, each complaining about who has it worse.

For true social progress to occur this requires self-accountability. With self-accountability, this victim and oppressed mindset will be removed. This will help start building our community as a whole. That means exercising black economics, supporting black businesses and supporting each other. There is a large amount of self-hate that resonates within the black community which has contributed to this “crab in a bucket syndrome”. We must continue to support each other for social change. Hotep is about peace and unity and will bring this change. Please follow us at @HotepNation on Twitter and here at HotepNation.com


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Sorry bro. Y’all sound weak. In one breath you say independence by am means but in the next you are against protesting or standing up to white supremacist. You think they want to work with you while they call us shit skins etc. they hate us. It part of their doctrine. Y’all don’t sound like you stand for nything other than lip service. We can’t trust y’all if the shot hits the fan because y’all will be sitting in the sideline talking bout this ain’t our fight. Good luck selling shirts. You won’t get my support. I’d rather stand next to people that believe in black independence and will actually fight against the KKK me Nazis when they try to come for us

1. I don’t protest. I think it’s a waste of energy.
2. There are many ways to stand up against something.
3. I never cared what people say about me. It’s just words.

Good luck with your fight.

with the advent of the nanny state people no longer need to be accountable for themselves. why get a job when you can get a check for doing nothing? of course the state is complicit. they will promise you the monthly check in return for your vote. they leverage the vote to a seat in the legislature, or an executive office like the mayor, or even president. this office they corrupt by selling favors, contracts, insider trading, payment from special interests- you name it. In turn they are blackmailed and extorted by each other, intelligence agencies, and other states because what comes around goes around. long live the king.

The Ancient Egyptians were black. And Ultra Conservative. Their culture stayed the same for thousands of years. They did everything in their power to keep the status quo. Even their artwork never changed. I am Trump supporter but also a supporter of this movement.

THANK-YOU for this article (though I just now found it)!
I’ve been curious over what exactly Hotep is, because some of what little I’ve seen online from those who have identified as Hotep, definitely expressed themselves as you described them *not* being- misogynistic, homophobic, and definitely hyper-masculine.
Over the years, for a variety of reasons, I’ve come to understand that there is only one race; human. Living on this planet, we tend to live in a bubble, oblivious to a greater, larger reality, much the same way ants march around a wagon wheel rim in endless circles, totally unaware of the giant human that is watching them.
If your definition of what it is to be Hotep is true (and I have no reason to believe otherwise), I have even more respect and admiration for my dark-skinned brothers and sisters. We are not as different as the MSM would like us to believe, and even where we are different, well…that’s Diversity right there; something to take joy in and share, not to be used as a bludgeon in pointless conflict. When we fight, the “They” you refer to win. Their winning is not acceptable, to put it mildly.
Thank-you again for this article.