White Supremacy lives because Black Americans won’t let it die


It is my current declaration to state that black people are the largest supporters of so-called white supremacy. I will break this down simply in the following points. Please share.

Award shows

Whether it is the Oscars or Grammys, the black American population seemingly clamor over the spectacle. In 2016, they started the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite in protest of the lack of “color”.

My perception of the reaction is this: Black people are crying because a group of “white” men didn’t give them a cookie for being good girls and boys.

Basically what they’re saying is, “the white man’s opinion is highly regarded and wanted”. Nothing appeases a group of negroes more than a pat on the back from white people.


What about the elections? When Hillary Clinton blatantly lied about her emails, colluded with the mainstream media, or when she armed Jihadist rebels in Syria, who came to defend her? Black people.

Isn’t Hillary white? Isn’t she a member of this so-called system of white supremacy? Then how is it that one of the biggest scandals in the history of the United States was purposely overlooked by blacks?

And one more thing. If blacks want to dismantle the system of white supremacy, as evidenced by a tweet from Deray below, why are they participating in the elections? Aren’t these elections a piece of that “system of white supremacy”? πŸ€”

Do you want to know what else I find crazy? Hillary Clinton’s campaign had more black-women than any presidential campaign in history. More than Obama? Ha!

Hillary Clinton black women campaign
African-American women of the Hillary Clinton campaign – Photo: Bee Walker

First black to…

Here’s one I absolutely LOATHE! Such and such was the first black to _______. All you’re admitting is that you’re second place. Subconsciously you’re saying, “I could have done better but white people wouldn’t let me”. Subconsciously, this reinforces the idea of “white supremacy”.

If you believe that Ancient Africans created the system of math, science, language arts etc., and then taught it to Europeans, then whites should, at least in your mind, be second to you in everything.

Hoteps teach and preach this history but it’s often ignored, glazed over, and written off as “sensationalizing”. Because “someone” wants to keep you in a state of victimhood and subservience.

Designer clothing

Ah! Now, let’s discuss the Nignogs and their beloved “white” designer clothing. We’re all familiar with this social disease because it’s perpetuated by rap, Hip-Pop, or as I’ll describe it going forward, NogHop music.

Music (and sound) are the most powerful influencers of life. My best example is James Brown. On April 5, 1968, following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr there were riots in Boston which nearly canceled the James Brown concert.

A Tom Atkins proposed a free live broadcast of the show to keep most Bostonians at home in front of their TV sets rather than on the streets.

The bottom line is, it worked. Resistance decreased because James Brown can perform his ass off.

Through music we can influence for betterment or detriment. I suggest blacks take a hard look (listen) at/to their music and structure a reform.

Black Americans are living copies of white supremacy personified Click To Tweet

Look at how it affects the kids.

If you want to teach a child white supremacy, turn on the TV Click To Tweet

Who remembers Karl Kani and Cross Colours? Man, I miss those days. πŸ€” Click To Tweet

Child support

I find it funny that black women are the greatest supporters of left wing democrat politics, which might I remind you, is still the system of “white supremacy”. They complain about the lack of justice in the courtroom but they have no issues using that same system when it comes to opposing black males.

I’m not talking about dead-beat dads here. I’m talking about the black men who are dragged down to child support court for female cash incentives – because the mother is spiteful.

We see it all the time with entertainers and athletes. Kelis got Nas for $10,000 a month in child support. Do you really think a guy like Nas is going to run away from his child? Where’s he gonna go? He’s Nas. lol

I am telling you right now, that there are thousands, if not millions, of black men in America that go through this. Some of them are struggling financially and may not be able to provide and they do have time. Many times court orders and child custody policies prevent a strong father and child relationship.

Why is it so convenient for women to get this privilege? Why is it so prevalent in black and poor communities? Why is this allowed in black culture? Isn’t that court system the same system of “white supremacy”?

Struggle black movies

Every semi-historical black movie that comes out of Hollywood is oppression-based. The Black man/woman is servant or slave. They overcome “white supremacy” in some form, although in a rather minute fashion, then tears come down your face and the movie is over. Rinse and repeat. 😴

We love these films. Movies like “Hidden Figures” do well at the box office. As I’m writing this at my shiny IKEA-bought red desk in my New Jersey townhouse, the movie has grossed $185.2 million.

Black tears make green money. Hollywood is cashing in on black history. Click To Tweet

But wait. Isn’t Hollywood part of the “system of white supremacy”? Shouldn’t we be trying to dismantle it? Not rushing to the theaters to support it? I guess nobody thought that far ahead.

Gun control

I’ve seen some blacks advocate for gun control and that is the LAST thing you want to do. You’re basically asking this so-called “system of white supremacy” to take away and keep all the best guns if not all.

If this system is the enemy like you say, why would you advocate for them to have all the guns? What are you going to do if one day they decide to put you back in chains? How are you going to defend yourself? With tweets?πŸ˜‚

I don’t need to go any further on this one since I’ve plainly stated my irrefutable case.

White people do it too

When we, the Hoteps, speak about black-on-black crime, often the blacks respond by saying, “But white people do it too!” This ignorant rebuttal simply states that white people are the measuring stick for your humanity. Everything you do has to be measured up to whiteness.

Do you again see how blacks are supporters of white supremacy? By comparing yourself to another entity you empower them and decrease your own value. A comparison is the killer of happiness and many philosophers have stated this. When will the black community catch on?

White supremacy is a virtual reality program installed into the minds of Americans. Click To Tweet

Please read my essay “Racism and White Supremacy does NOT exist”.

The Bottom Line

Nothing in your world can exist without your acknowledgment. Things need attention to survive. By feeding so much attention to white supremacy, blacks are feeding the beast. They are nurturing their own demise.

As the 19th-century Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu would say:

Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

Blacks are becoming white supremacy!

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I am a white Australian in Spain , this is brilliant thought , if our own indigenous Australians could take this on it would be awesome, power to Hotep Nation

the election of Obama in 2008 was going to usher in the era of post-racial America. what happened? you saw the left double down on it’s divisive claims of racism. suddenly everything was racist. flags that have flown for a hundred years were now racist icons. people disagreeing with political views were immediately racist. and somehow racism only flows one way. if a white man who belongs to a nearly all white association demands that the blacks of that same association march at the rear of a demonstration, he is obviously a racist. A member of BLM makes the same demands of whites, but according to the left she is not racist. she is racist.

Spot on, guys like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton and the BLM movement are prime reasons guys like myself (white) are disgusted with blacks. Word of warning, returnofkings.com just published an article about you guys, get ready for a flood of commenters.

Powerful fucking truth.

Nothing in your world can exist without your acknowledgment.

Destiny and achievement has a lot more to do with determination and personal responsibility than most people are comfortable admitting.